Best A.M. Affordable Skincare Routine Under $20 | Sensitive Skin Friendly

The sheer quantity of skincare products available can feel overwhelming, but this post shares the absolute best of the best. These skincare products perform as well (or better!) then their expensive counterparts, with price points all under $20, and they are all sensitive skin, and eye, friendly.

These are not products that I buy and use just because they are inexpensive, these are products that I have personally purchased multiple times, because they work. Plain and simple!

I do use and love some luxe products, but every product listed here is an affordable staple that I have in my rotation and have repurchased! Also, every item in this routine is priced at $20 or less.

Feel free to pick and choose what works best for you, you might just need a product to fill in a gap or maybe you want to give your skincare routine a total refresh.

I really hope this post is helpful in putting together a skincare routine that is effective and affordable!

A.M Affordable Skincare Routine

1 | Skin Prep

I’ve noticed that a little prep goes a long way in helping my skin look it’s best.

I start with under eye patches ($10 for 60 patches) to hydrate my skin and tighten my under eye area. I try to leave these on for as long as I can (work-fome-home win!), but even wearing them for five minutes while I drink my coffee on rushed morning helps.

Then I use a steel roller ($18) over my face, including over the patches. I roll up and out. Our bodies have a lymphatic drainage system and rolling helps push any excess fluid more quickly.

Under Eye Patches

shop at iHerb | $9

(GGG affiliate link)

Face Roller

shop at iHerb | $18

(GGG affiliate link)

2 | Face Wash

Next up, face wash. By far, one of the most hydrating and cleaning washes is the Senka Perfect Whip.

I’ve tried the original, which is a cream that you lather into a foam. They also released the Perfect Whip “Speedy.” Which comes as a liquid in a pump bottle and foams automatically as you dispense it.

Both are really nice and remove makeup, but leave my face feeling hydrated, never tight.

Foaming Face Wash

shop at Stylevana (code: SHOPGIRL to save) | $6

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Face Wash

shop at Stylevana (code: SHOPGIRL to save) | $5

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3 | Serum

When my skin has been extra sensitive, I like using this snail mucin serum to heal it. It is so soothing! It also wears well under makeup.

Soothing Serum

shop at Amazon | $14 . shop at Ulta | $18

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4 | Moisturizer

I have been loyal to this Jack Black moisturizer for years. It lays perfecttly under every single foundation I use, it has broad spectrum SPF, and it never stings my skin. It’s truly a gem.

The broad spectrum SPF has made all the difference for me in the past 7 years since I’ve discovered this. I apply it over my face, ears, neck, chest and hands daily.

Face Lotion w/SPF

shop at Sephora | $18 . shop at Nordstrom $18

(GGG affiliate links)

5 | Sunscreen

I am inside most days, but on days I know I will be outside all day long, I do add an extra layer of sunscreen. I know some people also just like to apply face cream and SPF separately.

These are two of the best, they feel like nothing on my face and never cause that next day “sting” irritation that some sunscreens can cause. They are gentle but effective.

The Canmake has a slight, flattering shimmer and the Biore has a more soft satin finish.

For my body, I love the larger size of this Japanese sunscreen, it comes with a pump and you get so much product!

It’s very light and absorbs quickly. It’s always done a great job of protecting me from any sunburn! I will put a pump of this all over if I take a walk or run errands mid-day.

Dewy Face SPF

shop at Stylevana (code: SHOPGIRL) | $10

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Satin Face SPF

shop at Stylevana (code:SHOPGIRL) | $9

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Body SPF

shop at Stylevana (code: SHOPGIRL) | $9

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6 | Eye Cream

Eye creams are one of my favorite products to test out, but were also the hardest to find at an under $20 price point, especially have very sensitive eyes. I tested over 25 eye creams and these two are my favorites that I have been continuing to use.

The Beauty of Josean is a Korean skincare favorite and best seller. It has a nice lightweight texture, but did provide a surprising amount of moisture and wore well under makeup. I love that it comes in a squeeze tube and does not irritate my eyes at all.

BeautyPie is a monthly beauty subscription service that gives you affordable prices on high end skincare and beauty formulas. It is $10 a month or $5 a month if you pay up front for the year. They often do two months free for new accounts however, so you could always sign up and cancel after you order if you don’t want a subscription.

The Beauty Pie Uber Youth eye cream has the nice, rich formula that I have been searching for in an affordable eye cream. It is slightly thicker than the Beauty of Josean formula.

Uber Youth has a luxe, made-in-switzerland formula, with wrinkle fighting, skin smoothing, and hydrating ingredients. I like how it feels on my skin and it’s very gentle on my eyes. It also wear well under makeup.

I have not used it long enough yet to notice any major wrinkle benefits, but the moisture is enough for me at the moment. I’ll update if I see any big changes.

K-Beauty Eye Cream

shop at iHerb | $14

(GGG affiliate link)

Eye Cream

shop at Beauty Pie | $18

(GGG affiliate link)

7 | Lip Balm + SPF

The one and only lip balm I will use during the day is the Jack Black lip balm with SPF 25. I specifically buy the shea butter and Vitamin E version only, because this is the most hydrating. It’s $10 and the best lip balm I have ever used, my lips really stay hydrated.

Additionally, having the high level SPF (with no taste!) is huge. Game changer!

Lip Balm w/SPF

shop double set at Nordstrom | $15 . shop individuals at Sephora | $10

(GGG affiliate links)

I hope that this post was helpful! Let me know if you try and of these products and what you think. Thank you for reading and being a part of the blog.

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