6 Ways To Refresh Your Look

We all have those weeks where we just haven’t been feeling ourselves. This feeling goes on longer than we want. We haven’t felt our strongest, most passionate, most beautiful, or most connected. These days are hard. We often forget that something as simple as feeling confident or beautiful can help us to feel better in other non-beauty related areas.

For example, when I know my lipstick is perfect I feel much more able to conquer the day. If my hair isn’t styled, I feel generally a mess of a human. It’s strange and I cannot quite explain why this is, but it is true.

 Here is my promise to you: if you are struggling to feel confident, a few simple improvements can be made to your look overnight that will make a big difference. When consistently practiced, you may start to feel better.

We are not suggesting that this will fix all your innermost struggles, but it is a start and that is enough for today.


Test ride a new hairstyle

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

If you have been feeling drab, a fix of your hair could do the trick. As summertime is in full swing, try a blonde highlight or get some extensions put in. Everyone loves long hair in the summer. A hair change will do the trick to feeling new and improved.


Pick up a new product

You could go into any makeup store such as Ulta or Sephora and ask for a recommendation for something new. They will ask what you feel you are in need of or they will simply make a brand new suggestion for you.  Play around with it and be willing to try the newest style.


Get a manicure

There is almost nothing that feels better than a fresh manicure and pedicure. It seems to make us look nicer and more presentable instantly. Try the season’s best shades. We suggest a blush pink for this summer. If you’re on a budget see about snagging a Groupon (psst: they have a whole category just focused on Mani/Pedis).


Have your eyelashes extended

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Similar to a manicure, eyelash extensions will light up your face. This is such a comforting appointment. You get to lie down for an hour or so with background music and relax while your lashes get extended. Some of our friends have even reported falling asleep during their appointment. This, however, can be an expensive upkeep. A new mascara (psst: maybe from Gray Lane in the near future?) could also do the trick.


Throw out your expired products

Your makeup products could be too old to be doing their full job. Your skin could also react to them negatively with breakouts or blotchiness. Throw out your old products and repurchase your favorites.


Practice some self-love

 This last step is not makeup related, but rather related to your overall wellness. Maybe what you need to improve your look is to point out the things about it that you genuinely love. Noticing what you look about yourself could help you to feel more confident and aware in your body. Take some time to practice some self-care and overall wellness. Do a face mask or take a hot bath. Love yourself and feel improved overnight.

What about you? What are some ways you refresh your look? Leave us some ideas in the Comments section below!