Our 9 Favorite Mobile Apps for Beauty

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Social media has changed the beauty game. There is no denying this. Long gone are the days of having to go to the MAC counter to try on shades and finishes. Needing to have makeup professionally applied is a thing of the past for many people today all thanks to social media. YouTube walks us through all the steps to achieve our perfect look. Practice makes perfect, friends.

Aside from YouTube, there are several apps available for download that will take your beauty game to the next level. You can now carry a personal makeup artist in your pocket. And, often for free! Here are our favorite mobile apps for beauty right now.

9. Glamscout

Glamscout lets you virtually try on makeup from over 80 different brands. Use your iPhone as a mirror as you choose lipstick, eyeshadow, and blush to try on! This occurs in real-time so you will see yourself in your chosen look right away. You never have to worry about purchasing a product you hate again. Also, it’s free!

8. Made-2-Fit-Makeup

If Glamscout is having a hard time finding you that perfect foundation shade, this next app will help! Made-2-Fit-Makeup helps you find the perfect foundation shade. It measures the exact shade of your skin and match you to foundation from BareMinerals that can ship to you in 24 hours. No need to worry about missing that dinner party in a few days. Your foundation will be on the way ASAP. It’s also free.

7. YouCam Makeup and Perfect 365

These apps are partnered with the same goal. They work with specific beauty brands so that you can try on products virtually, similar to Glamscout. What is great about these apps is that they will offer you variations of your makeup style. For example, if you choose a specific eyeliner shape it will give you several different suggestions to try. Both are free.

6. Sephora Virtual Artist

At Gray Lane we love mascara and lashes- obviously! This Sephora app helps you to explore lash options and lipstick options. You can try out more than 3000 lipsticks and over 90 lash options virtually to find the perfect combination. Sephora’s app is free on the App store.

5. Hairstyle Makeover Premium

Makeup isn’t all that matters where beauty is concerned. We know that hair is a big deal and changing your hair is an even bigger deal. Test out your preferred style, cut, and color on a photo of yourself. This app is the most current on the market with so many styles to choose from. It will, however, set you back $4.99.

4. Wanna Nails

Step up your nail game by customizing your manicure to your skin tone, mood, and look. Try on polish virtually and then purchase it through the app. There are so many shades to try. You are guaranteed to find the perfect polish. It is also free!

3. Bellashoot

If you are in need to beauty advice, this is the app for you. Bellashoot is a social media app that lets you find and share tips for beauty. It will connect you to people all over the world. The app offers tutorials based on your interest and allows you to share your final product to your social medias. Free on iTunes.

2. Think Dirty

At Gray Lane we care so much about what you put on your lashes and your skin. Think Dirty will allow you to scan the barcode on your products and identify exactly what is in them as well as tell you about how safe they are to use. You will shop safer if you are using this app. Also free on iTunes and Google Play.

1. The Glam App

If you don’t have the time to perfect your perfect look using free resource and don’t want to make it to a salon, The Glam App is for you. The Glam App lets you schedule with makeup and hair stylists as well as nail technicians. They will come to your home to get you ready for your big event. Currently the cities it is available in are limited, but see if yours is on the list today!


These certainly are not all the apps out there but they are some of our very favorites. The apps will offer you a variety of beauty related supports and services to ensure you always feel beautiful and confident. What will you download today?

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