How To Know You're Truly a Beauty Expert

Image provided by Pexels

Image provided by Pexels

Anyone can be incredibly knowledgeable about beauty in 2019. You don’t even need professional training now thanks to the internet, YouTube, and magazines for teaching us how. But if you are a beauty expert, you are likely spending a lot of time, energy, and money learning about all things beauty. Have you stopped to self-identify as an expert?

You might think you’re not when you really are in fact a beauty expert. Here’s how you can tell:

You watch beauty YouTubers and tutorials non-stop

Admit it, you follow all the most popular beauty bloggers are right now. James Charles, Nikki Tutorials, Tati Westbrook, and others are at the top of your list and you love it. They have taught you everything you know about makeup.  You are definitely a guru if you are purchasing their brands and collaborations!

Image provided via Pexels

Image provided via Pexels

You have a Pinterest-worthy makeup collection and perhaps even vanity

You have a Sephora VIB membership and that Ulta Beauty credit card that has helped you grow your insane beauty product collection. You have multiple palettes to achieve every look we could ever want for a Friday and Saturday night, or even a Monday morning. If someone wants it, you have it.

 You might even have built that beautiful vanity we have all pinned onto our Pinterest pages. Your products are organized by what you reach for daily to what you might need for a very special occasion.

Your friends ask you to do their hair and makeup        

During wedding season you are booked because you’re helping your friends prepare. They have you on standby for upcoming parties, dates, and family dinners. Your friends even ask you for makeup advice all the time and you love it because it’s a strength of yours and you want to help them feel beautiful in their skin! You have every curling iron or product they might need to achieve their perfect look. You might even be giving away your extra products.

You are constantly looking at other people’s make-up and wondering about their process

When you’re out in the community, you can’t help but wonder what other people did to achieve their looks. And if you don’t have the product they mentioned, you run out to buy it. You aren’t afraid to ask them about that perfect winged eye or compliment their lip stain. This inquiring nature always makes you new friends and that is a bonus!

People tell you all the time your makeup looks great and ask what you use

Photo provided by Pexels

Photo provided by Pexels

Instead of you asking other people, people are always asking you about what you use and how your highlight is glowing. People ask you about what you use for your skin to be so clear and where you get your eyebrows done.

Being a beauty expert is not for the faint of heart. It takes time to achieve this status but it is wonderful to know so much and be so interested. If you haven’t yet admitted it and you’re doing these things, you’re a beauty guru. Embrace it!

Bottom Line

Do you think of yourself as beauty expert? Please let us know in the Comments field below!