Podmania PART I: Beauty

I have become a lover of all-things-podcasts; so much so that many friends have asked for my recommendations.

So here I will share my favorites in the Beauty category:

Podcasts - Fat Mascara.png

Fat Mascara: Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Goldstein. These gals are great; they’re both in the fashion and beauty industry and have access to some seriously fabulous guests. Every episode they also discuss the latest and greatest in the beauty world.


Full Coverage: We like this podcast because it can be a bit gossipy at times. And that can be fun if offered in controlled doses. One of the two hosts, Harriet, is a make-up artist and the other, Lindsey, just pretty much loves make-up.

Podcasts - Breaking Beauty.png

Breaking Beauty: All about best selling beauty products and the stories behind them. We like this one because we’re all looking for the hottest and best products out there.

What about you? What beauty podcasts do you like?

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Next week on Podmania! My favorite Investigative Journalism podcasts.