Review: Too Faced Damn Girl! Mascara

The new mascara from Too Faced which is called Damn Girl! has just been released. So many mascara lovers have clamored to Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara that it made us wonder: why would they bring another mascara out that could diminsh the success of their leading mascara.

So we decided to find out. And in doing so we enlisted friends from across the country to try out Damn Girl! and compare it to Better Than Sex. Here are our findings:

Sara W mascara comparison.jpg

Sara Walker, Portland, OR: I prefer Damn Girl! to Better Than Sex because I felt that the curl of my eyelashes was nicer with Damn Girl! I did need to apply Damn Girl! more than BTS, however, to get the same darkness/drama. I love the Damn Girl! packaging but did not enjoy the applicator because of how large it was. Despite those two downfalls, I still preferred Damn Girl! because of the curl.

I wore both all day and both of my eyelashes looked great at the end of the work day with no smudges.

Which do I prefer? Damn Girl!

Rachael - both mascaras.JPG

Rachael Gray, Seattle: Better than Sex is 100% my favorite! The Damn Girl! Brush is way too big for my eyes. I also feel like the formula is almost too heavy. It does make my eyelashes look more full but it’s too chunky for my liking.

I love the Better Than Sex brush. It’s the perfect thickness that the formula doesn’t get gloopy on the brush. I only have to brush through my eyelashes about 3-4 times and my eyelashes look super long and great but also more natural which is what I like in a mascara.

I wore both all day long and neither mascaras got flaky and my eyelashes looked very similar to how they looked when I first left the house.

Which do I prefer? Better Than Sex.

Natalie dos Santos, Atlanta: 
I preferred the Better Than Sex mascara to the Damn Girl! Because the brush was a lot easier to use and maneuver by my eyes. I did like the consistency of both formulas and loved that neither formula flaked at the end of the day. 

 I did not notice a difference between the two after wearing them-just liked the smaller brush on the Better Than Sex one.

Which do I prefer? Better Than Sex 

Keri dos Santos, Alpharetta: My favorite Mascara is Better than Sex!  The Damn Girl!'s brush was just too thick, too bulky and uncomfortable to apply.  The Better than Sex mascara applicator was a great shape, just the right thickness and the mascara seemed like the perfect consistency.  

I wore the mascara all day, including to the gym and it did not flake or irritate my eyes.  My family did not notice a difference between the two eyes with different mascara on, and if there's no noticeable difference, I choose the easiest most comfortable one to apply.  

Which do I prefer? Better than Sex

Layne Gray, San Francisco: I much prefer Damn Girl! to Better Than Sex even though I do like BTS. Damn Girl! is very dramatic. The brush is a super-exaggerated hourglass. And I like how I can use the end of it to really get to the lashes on far inside of my eyelid. I also like that it feathers out my lashes although the first time I tried it my lashes clumped together.

There is no smudging and even after 8 hours there wasn’t any flaking. 

Which do I prefer? Damn Girl!