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3 Must-Do's When Applying Mascara

3 Must-Do's When Applying Mascara

Mascara seems to be one of the overlooked steps in the beauty process. We get it, mascara isn’t as sexy at times as the cat eye or bold red lip, but it truly is the step that pulls your entire look together. Mascara can easily make or break a look, regardless of if it is for daytime or an evening outing. Mascara really is that important.

This is why you need to know what you’re doing when you apply mascara. Here are three important steps to take when applying your mascara.

Wipe off the brush first

Mascara brushes are meant to pick up the product and transfer it to your eye. Consequently, the brushes easily hold onto more product than you need. This means that when you go to apply the mascara, it is easy to keep a ton of the product on your brush and transfer it to your lashes. In fact, it is transferring far more product than you need, leaving your eyes a bit spider-like at times. This is definitely a side effect to avoid. Do so by wiping off your brush before using it. Wipe the extra product off on a tissue prior to application. This will ensure that your lashes are lengthened and bolded without going too far.

‘Stack’ your mascara

Mascara stacking is the practice of using two different mascaras to combat two different issues. For example, if you want long eyelashes and waterproof eyelashes, first use a product designed to lengthen lashes and then overlay with a product designed to make them waterproof.

It is near impossible for one product to do everything that you want, so simply use two products. This is a strategy rarely taught or discussed by others but it is so simple. Start by researching your preferred look and then identifying the products to help you achieve it. It probably will include two mascaras. Buy and use them both! You will find that this makes a huge difference.

Don’t Use Old Mascara

Using old mascara can be detrimental to both your look and your health. Old mascara is typically drier and flakier than new products. This makes your lashes look dry and flaky also.

Beyond that, however, is the impact that old products have on your health. Using old mascara can put you at risk for infections such as Staph infection or even blindness. Do yourself a favor and replace your mascara every six months, at least. This also gives you the fun opportunity of trying new products out to find your perfect fit.

Every time you use a product, be sure to check its expiration date that can typically be found on the backside of the packaging to ensure you’re using it within the recommended time frame.

If you want to learn more about the health impacts of using old products and safety tips, please reference this Women’s Health Magazine article:



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