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4 mascara tips to battle summer humidity

4 mascara tips to battle summer humidity

We all want perfect eyes. Our eyes are one of the first areas that people look at when they look at us. To have strong eyes and strong lashes is to be strong! This means that we owe it to ourselves to prepare for any possible weather conditions when we consider what we apply to our eyelashes.

Unfortunately for many of us living in humid areas, moisture is very bad on mascara. We are especially sorry for our mascara-loving gals and guys in Florida! Why, you ask, is moisture bad for mascara? We will give you plenty of reasons that will want a water-resistant mascara for the hot summer months.


Mascara has the ability to budge. It isn’t perfect. So when water hits that beautiful black lash you’re wearing, it tends to smudge onto your skin when you blink your eyes. Think dark raccoon eyes. Moisture from humidity or even just hard workouts will create this smudge quickly. Before you know it you’re walking around with black circles. Nobody wants these smudges to break their flawless look.

Water-resistant mascara can be essential for humid weather. Water-resistant mascara isn’t as harmful to the eyes like waterproof mascara can be. Why? Because a waterproof mascara is void of water so the mascara can be very difficult to remove.


Speaking of running, depending on how much humidity you’re lashes are experiencing, you can bypass the smudge worry and start worrying about your mascara running instead. If exposed to extreme moisture, mascara will run down your face like you’ve been crying all night.

To avoid this, it is recommended to use a water-resistant mascara like GrayLane Beauty’s Curl and Lengthen mascaras.

Dry lashes

Humidity often comes with high heat, which is difficult on our eyelashes. High heat actually dries our lashes out and breaks down our hair therefore leaving us lower quality eyelashes. Maintaining the health of our lashes should be a high beauty priority. Vitamins are very helpful for eyelashes.

If dry lashes are of concern to you, we recommend our Fruit Elixir natural mascara which has many rejuvenating ingredients such as sunflower oil and jojoba oil.

How to combat humidity: Vitamins

If you have concerns about the quality of your eyelashes and want to focus on maintenance and growth despite the humidity you experience, vitamins may be the way to go.

The following vitamins are very helpful in lash health: Vitamin B prevents lashes from becoming brittle; vitamin C helps collagen production and repairs follicle damage; vitamin E protects your lashes from free radicals; and vitamin H encourages growth and stimulation.

Overall, it is best if you consider the climate you’re in before you purchase mascara. If you want to avoid the running, smudging, or drying in high humidity and heat, snagging a quality water-resistant mascara like either GLB Curl or Lengthen will help. 

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