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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Walk Out the Door Without Mascara On

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Walk Out the Door Without Mascara On

We love mascara. Everyone should love it, too, right? But to really do so you have to understand why. Here are our five reasons to fall in love with that silly little tube of mascara.

Enhances the eyes

Mascara makes our eyes appear bigger and this draws other people in. Have you ever noticed how people with large eyes appear so beautiful? It could have been the mascara they wore that day. If you want to enhance your eyes because they aren’t as big as you would have liked or because you love the color of them, mascara is the way to do so.

Makes you look awake

Have you ever gotten to work without makeup on and realized you look like you haven’t slept? Us too. We live in a fast-paced world where we are doing a lot these days. If you are trying to get the kids to school, get to work on time, and trying to fit in that yoga class, you might look a little tired. It’s okay because mascara will help you look more awake and therefore feel more awake.

Allows for self-expression

People might typically think that eye looks with different shadows and liners allow for self-expression, but we would argue that mascara allows for the ultimate self-expression. If you are really looking to make yourself a bit different, try a pink mascara! Mascara can be worn in different colors, styles, and lengths. This allows for you to be your unique and dynamic person. Explore whatever that may be for you.

People notice! 

Much like we want our eyes to be enhanced, we also are a cohort of people who want others to notice. We all want to get the occasional compliment to make us feel that much better than we do. Eyelashes are always being noticed because of length or separation or curl. A well applied mascara will have other people staring at your eyes all night and that is never a bad thing. Allow yourself to take in the compliment and appreciate being told how beautiful you are. You deserve that.

Feels complete and put together

Mascara seems to be the final step for most people’s beauty routine. Without it, you might feel a tad lost or incomplete. But with it you feel put together and powerful. Feeling physically complete may even make you feel emotionally or mentally complete and that is never something to complain about.

Did you know that something so simple as applying mascara could make you feel beautiful, strong, and yourself? It might seem silly on the surface until you really explore how important it is in your presentation and relationship to yourself. These are five important reasons people fall in love with mascara. And if you do, it might be helpful to have an extra in your purse just in case!

What do you think? Do you have any insights of why else make-up makes us feel better?

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