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5 Trends in Cosmetics You May Have Missed

5 Trends in Cosmetics You May Have Missed

At this point in the makeup world it is almost impossible to keep up. Everyday a new celebrity is launching a new brand with beautiful packaging and occasionally lackluster products. New formulas, shades, and finishes are introduced and become overnight sensations thanks to social media. And the 90’s are having an insane comeback. It’s quite the time to be alive, especially if you’re makeup obsessed.

If you’re struggling to keep up don’t feel bad. We are too. But we’re doing the research so you don’t have to. Let’s talk about the recent five trends in makeup that you have potentially missed.

1. Organic

Everyone these days wants to say that they are producing organic makeup. We appreciate the organic trend, however, not everyone who is saying they’re organic is entitled to do so. In the United States in order to be labeled ‘certified organic’ a company has to use at least 70% organic products. In Europe, having an ecocert organic title means the product is 95% plant based and an ecocert natural title means it is made up of 50% plant-based products. This means that when you’re shopping through the aisles and you see a product that states it’s organic, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s completely organic. This can be very misleading.

It seems that many companies use language such as organic on their packaging but they aren’t certified organic. The ingredients list for many products show that they are not in fact using a high concentration of organic substances. They are using a high number of chemicals. Perhaps the trend here is that companies are duping us to believe they’re organic when they aren’t.

2. Recycled

Using recycled packaging is up and coming in the makeup world. This may be a very quiet trend, but companies are starting to pick up on it. Most mascara tubes are using either polyethylene or polypropylene plastics, even if the outside aluminum is recycled. However, other products in the beauty and hair industry are starting to use recycling in their packaging. In fact, Garnier, a popular drugstore haircare product, has created a recycling program that is making progress. You can read about it here. Common recycled packing includes glass containers or wood and bamboo packaging.

3. Fewer ingredients

Using a minimalistic ingredient list is a popular trend being utilized in the makeup industry. It appears that fewer ingredients could attract more customers. The less is more tendency is making its way through the cosmetic industry. What’s great about this is it reduces the risk that we are impacted by or react to so many ingredients that our skin comes in contact with.

4. Vegan

We are grateful that vegan products are becoming more and more popular. This means that products are not tested on animals and that no animal-derived ingredient is included in the product. There are vegan products at the value and prestige levels. In fact, Peta recently published an article with a list of all vegan mascaras. Our makeup shouldn’t be harming us, let alone any animals.

5. Contrasting

Contrasting right now is a very popular makeup look. This is when we wear a bold eye and contrast it with a nude lip or vice versa. Today we are not wearing bold and bold or nude and nude. It seems to be too over-the-top or too soft. Kylie Jenner has made this look one to be admired. What’s better is that it is a look that gives us back a bit of our time. If we focus on our eyes, we can swipe on a simple gloss and go. Makeup shouldn’t take up all of our days. There is too much coffee to drink and news articles to catch up on first thing in the morning.

We are always looking to learn more about the styles and crazes that we may have missed. Be sure to tell us what your favorite movement in makeup has been in the Comments section below.


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