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5 ways to re-purpose old mascara wands

5 ways to re-purpose old mascara wands

Before repurposing your mascara brush it is important to clean it. How to clean the brush is easy. Take a small amount of shampoo, the size of a dime, and rub it onto the brush and rinse with warm water. Repeat the process until no mascara residue comes off the brush. Air dry.

  • Hair care.
    • Use the brush to comb fly-away hairs. Spray the mascara brush, or directly onto your hair, and then comb through with the mascara brush.
    • With your color formula you can easily touch up your roots. 
  • Lashes and brows.
    • Separate lashes. After putting on mascara your extra brush is ideal for a final comb-through since it has no product on it. Lashes should still be wet from the initial mascara.
    • Condition your lashes with castor oil. Take a few drops of castor oil and place on a small bowl or plate. Roll the brush in the castor oil to soak all over. Use before bed to allow the castor oil to replenish the lashes the whole night; wash off in the morning. Make sure you don’t get the castor oil too close to the eyes.
    • Turn that mascara brush into an eyebrow ‘spoolie’ and style away!
  • Skincare.
    • Reduce fingernail cuticles. With a light scrub you can remove cuticles. Afterwards rub cuticle oil or lotion around each of the nails to soothe the cuticles.
    • On your lips you can exfoliate by moving the brush back and forth.
  • Household cleaning.
    • Clean out sink drain clogs. Often it’s hair getting caught in the drain; the mascara brush is perfect for keeping the top of the drain clean.
    • Clean around the faucet. Especially in the bathroom sink it can be difficult to fully clean around the drain plug and faucet. Your mascara brush is perfect for the job!
  • Donate to charity.
Mascara brushes can effectively groom small wild animals. Also an excellent way to remove unwanted insects. Donate to help small, wild animals. As a spin-out from Appalachian Wild Refuge, Wands for Wildlife https://wandsforwildlife.org/ has received awareness for its repurposing of mascara wands. But there are two issues we found: A. they are not accepting any wands at this time, and B. they are not listed by Charity Navigator which is our go-to source to evaluate charitable organizations. https://wandsforwildlife.org/. Check them out and hopefully they’ll come back online.


    What about you - have you repurposed mascara wands? Share your story in the Comments section below. 

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