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Anatomy of a Mascara Brush

Anatomy of a Mascara Brush

GrayLane Beauty mascara brushes are twisted wire meaning that a wire holds the bristles in place. The number of bristles creates the thickness of the brush. The bristles can be trimmed to whatever shape a desire. Each of GLB brushes utilize soft bristles, making them easier to maneuver through the lashes because each of the filaments are hollow so they bend more easily than if solid for a much more defining, fanning and lengthening effects. The following is an analysis of each GLB brush and its specialty in conjunction with its applicable formula.

  • Volume brush is an hourglass shape yet has an angled twist to it. The hourglass shape distributes formula to all lashes. Paired with the volume formula the hourglass shape fans the lashes out for a wide-eye effect.
  • Curl brush includes two twisted wires connected at the base and tip. One of the wires is straight with minimal/moderate number of bristles. The straight twisted wire is good for combing the lashes for definition. The second twisted wire is curved which is the preferred style of brush to curl lashes. In this patented brush the space between the straight and curved wires creates a reservoir for formula so the user doesn’t need to dip the brush back into the bottle – they’ve got plenty of formula in the reservoir.
  • Lengthen brush is assymetrical on one side with short bristles on the other side. The small edge allows the brush to get to even the shortest of lashes such as the lower lashes. The assymetrical side defines and finishes each lash. See the two brushes design as outlined as Brush 01 and 02.
  • Extend brush is actually two brushes that come together for high performance although each one is twisted the opposite direction for added definition. The special arrow and tapered profile at the top allows for access to the shortest of lashes. This dual technology brush also lifts and lengthens. When paired with a fiber formula the length is unreal.
  • Fruit Elixir brush is also two brushes. Like the Extend brush it has a tapered profile at the top to allow easy access to even the shortest of lashes. With a natural formula the brush is a workhorse at defining, lengthening and giving volume.

What about you - what is your favorite mascara brush? Leave a comment below!

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January 19, 2021

Love this article. Love that all GLB brushes avoid all clumping.

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