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Coronavirus and Mascara

Coronavirus mascara make-up

Worried about how make-up, in general, and mascara, in particular, can be infected and affected by Coronavirus and the resulting COVID-19 disease?

First, what we do know about most viruses is that they need a host, a living organism i.e. a human, to spread.  Basically, the virus invades that organism and hijacks it to reproduce the virus both internally as well as to others. Usually viruses are transmitted through physical contact but there are some, coronavirus believed to be one, that can actually spread airborne if another person is close enough.

Second, it is true that viruses can attach to inanimate objects, such as bus poles, cardboard boxes or even a countertop, but only for a limited period of time. Why? Since there’s no living organism to facilitate reproduction the virus will ultimately die on that surface.  The timing can range from a couple hours to several days depending on the surface. For example, it is believed that the coronavirus can reside on cardboard for up to 24 hours.

So, what is the difference between bacteria and viruses? Bacteria can be treated. There can be good bacteria, such as yoghurt and kombucha. And there’s bad bacteria that can cause irritations or even infections. For example, bacteria that can get into a mascara tube can cause real problems to the user’s eyes. That’s why Gray Lane Beauty offers a subscription model to replace mascara on a quarterly basis, like the FDA and Ophthamology Academy recommend, and to minimize the ability for bacteria to infect the mascara. Also, wash your hands before applying mascara; hey, we’re living in a wash-your-hands often time so it is always recommended 

Can coronavirus infect mascara? Theoretically, maybe. But it cannot live and replicate given there’s no host. We want you to know that our factory is automated and no humans touch the products as each tube is filled and the cap is then screwed on to close it. Various tests are conducted before the production as well as after; aptly, we are within the normal range. As of March 16th, 2020, all staff at our factory have been tested negative for the virus.

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