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Don't Make These Three No-No's With Your Mascara

Don't Make These Three No-No's With Your Mascara

Applying mascara may seem like the simplest part of your makeup routine. Just swipe it on and go, right? Actually, that is wrong. Today I’d like to challenge the thought that mascara is a minor part of the makeup routine. It appears that many people don’t realize that there are cardinal rules to follow when applying mascara. They don’t even know they’re making mistakes that could truly affect not only their presentation but their health. Let’s take a look at the silly mistakes that can be easily avoided.



The first common mistake that we see people making is using their mascara too long. Mascara does expire! Use these tricks to know when your mascara needs to be tossed:

·       Any mascara that is too dry or chunky

·       Mascara longer than 6 months old from opening date (hint: write down the date you opened it!)

·       Mascara that smells-throw it out!

·       Mascara you used when you had any kind of infection

Expired mascara can be dangerous. It can cause minor irritations such as itchiness, redness, puffiness, and others. But it can also cause infections, pink eye, or a sty. Treat your body well by tossing it when it is ready.


The next common mistake we see people using when applying their mascara is only applying the mascara to one side of the eyelash. When mascara isn’t applied to both sides of upper and lower lashes, it gets too heavy and loses its curl because it can’t hold itself up as well. Long, lifted eyelashes are an integral part of a makeup routine because they draw other people straight to your face. You do not need false lashes, you just need properly applied mascara! Your eyelashes may be falling because mascara hasn’t been applied properly, therefore you could be losing out on the full effects of wearing it. If you are struggling to properly apply the mascara, our best suggestion would be to explore YouTube for the perfect how-to video.



The last silly mistake that I myself was once guilty of and I see women do all the time in the gym locker room, is to pump their mascara tube. It may seem as though you are getting the maximum product on the wand to then apply to your eye, but you are actually hurting your product. This pumping motion invites bacteria and air into the product. It dries the product out and can more easily spread infection. What is more appropriate, instead of pumping the wand, would be to twirl it inside the tube if you are in need of additional product. This way you get the maximum payback with the least amount of danger. You may be able to keep your mascara a bit longer, which is great because you spent money on it and you want it to last!

Bottom Line?

Avoid these three silly mascara mistakes by simply noticing your product, applying it correctly, and twirling instead of pumping. You will be healthier and happier with your look and that makes all the difference. Enjoy!

Do you have any other mistakes you suggest avoiding? Let us know in the Comments field below.

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