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Highlights from our 2021 Customer Survey

Highlights from our 2021 Customer Survey

In late January 2021 we conducted a customer survey to garner feedback on a host of issues.  Here are some of the highlights of the results:


1. 7 days/week: 33%

2. 5 days/week: 20%

3. 4 days/week: 20%

4. Less than 4 days/week: 27%

Comments: We were surprised (shocked?) that one third of the survey participants wore mascara seven days a week! Wow! 



1. Discovery Set 1: 39%

2. Discovery Set 3: 15%

3. Full-size Volume subscription: 11%

4. Other: 35%

Comments: We are so honored that so many of you have chosen to subscribe to our Volume mascara. 



1. Definitely: 65%

2. Probably will: 15%

3. I don't know enough about GLB yet: 9%

4: Other: 11%

Comments: We were overwhelmed that 80% of customers stated they would definitely or probably recommend GLB to their friends. Thank you; your commitment means so much. 


COMPLEMENTARY PRODUCT(S) YOU'D LIKE (could answer more than once)

1. Eyeliner: 60%

2. Eyebrow pencil(s): 47%

3. Non-invasive (topical) Botox: 33%

4. High-quality skincare: 33%

Comments: We are working on the first three - eyeliner, eyebrow pencils and the non-invasive Botox alternative! Stay tuned for updates to come. 



1. Loyalty program: 52%

2. How-to tips and tricks videos: 20%

3. Recycled plastic tubes: 17%

4. Other: 11%

Comments: We heard you loud and clear! We are launching our new Loyalty Program within the next few weeks; stay tuned. We are also working with a professional make-up artist on tips and tricks videos. Finally, we have it in our plan to release mascaras in recycled containers only by the end of 2022.



1. 30 - 40: 33%

2. 40 - 50: 22%

3. 20 - 30: 20%

4. Other: 25%

Comments: Age is just a state of mind...



1. California: 24%

2. Ohio/Pennsylvania/Texas: 9% each

3. Other: 49%

Comments: We were surprised by how diverse the geographic distribution was. 



1. I don't have a favorite; GLB is the 1st mascara I have really loved

2. I don't have any other favorites. This is the best I've ever used!

3. I haven't been using anything else since I got your sample and full-size product

4. Before GLB I bounced betw/mascara all the time; I was never happy

5. I don't use any other than GLB; not any more

Comments: We always appreciate our customers' responses to our mascaras! Thank you. 


To everyone who completed the survey know that it gave us incredible and actionable insights! We look forward to conducting our next one in the April - June timeframe. 



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