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Is Sharing Mascara A Bad Idea?

Is Sharing Mascara A Bad Idea?

The big game is hours away.  You and your sorority sisters are getting ready.  Clothes, as well as #Makeup, are being experimented with and shared with one another.  This makes it hard to avoid if one of your sisters wants you to try her new #mascara that she just got, an that she swears is better than #fake eyelashes.  You hesitate, you want to say “no thanks”, since the idea of using someone’s else makeup grosses you out, Yet you also don’t want to hurt her feelingss either.  She bats her eyes at you as she hands the mascara tube to another one of your sisters; they giggle. You may have been Valedictorian of your high school class yet getting into this sorority was even harder work. If you don’t try the mascara, surely someone will make fun of you. Maybe everyone? All the other sisters tried it, and now it’s your turn.  What’s the big deal?  It’s just mascara, and all their #lashes look insanely amazing.  Super-long…lots of volume…fanned-out finish.  Wow, they really do look better than fake eye lashes. 

“Shut up,” you tell yourself, “it’s just a little stupid mascara.” Why wouldn’t you try it?, Maybe your and lashes will look as awesome as theirs do.  But then you recall what your mother reminded you of on more than one occasion. Bacteria, or even viruses, can be transmitted. When you share mascara, you may end of getting more then what you bargain for.

What’s the big deal?

Sharing mascara, such as in our scenario, can spread a wide variety of diseases. Here are a few of the most common:

  • Pink eye: Mascara can hide viruses and bacteria that are easily transmitted.  Plus, since your eyes do not have the same layers of protection like your skin does, they’re more vulnerable to infections like conjunctivitis, commonly known as pink eye.
  • Staph: Sharing makeup, such as or mascara, increases your chances of contracting staph, which causes an aggressive infection that presents with painful red skin swelling and pus, also known as impetigo.  Fortunately, most staph infections can be treated with common antibiotics like penicillin.  But why risk it and take the chance?  A staph infection that is left untreated can spread into the blood stream, lungs or even the heartNO Thanks!

  • Eyelash mites: Are also known as demodex folliculitis.  It is a parasite that is found in the hair follicles of our faces, yuck.  Usually, they are innocuous, and most people go about their business never noticing that they are there.  They are naturally prevalent in your hair follicles, where they feed on dead skin cells and may cause chronic itching and eczema over the eyelids. Yet another reason why, Ladies, we should not share mascara!

What’s the bottom line?

Listen up gals, we’re not saying to boycot the use of mascara. Of course not. How great does it feel to look in the mirror to see amazing-looking lashes.  Empowering, that’s how it feels and screams “look at me world, here I come!”  But we can get that look, and have this increased feeling of self-esteem, by using our own mascara. Let’s stay and feel fabulous by wearing, using and experimenting with our own beauty products, especially when it comes to mascara, shall we?  Feel free to share your latest beauty finds with your sisters but leave it at that. You’ll be the talk of the house.  And your eyelashes will thank you!

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