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Layne's Favorite Skincare Products

Layne's Favorite Skincare Products

I get asked occasionally what skincare products I prefer. I’m always looking for new suggestions about products I should consider so I am sharing some of my personal favorites with you! 


Biologique Recherche
Biologique Recherche: based in Paris is a cult-favorite for so many women I know – young and old. My must-haves are their toners as well as their masks. The toner shown is P50 1970; this particular toner is not available in Europe because the active ingredient, phenol, is banned there. Note that the E.U. restrictions are much more stringent than ours in the U.S. Second, the mask VIP O2 is really hydrating and can be used around the eyes. I often combine it with another mask such as BR’s Vivant. To find out where to buy you can search the BR website and it will show various spas that sell their line of products. Estimated toner retail: $85. Estimated VIP O2 mask retail: $120.



Skinceuticals C E Ferulic Retinol
Skinceuticals: C E Ferulic makes most lists as one of the most effective anti-aging serums. I personally switch it every other morning with Phloretin CF (which due to its unique formulation can only be shipped via ground transportation. Estimated CE Ferulic and Phloretin CF retail: $166.
The Retinol 1.0 is a very creamy retinol. It is also offered in less intensity, including .3 and .5. If you haven’t used retinol before it is beneficial to start with the lightest i.e. .3. Estimated 1.0 retail: $82.
I purchase most of my SkinCeuticals on DermStore https://www.dermstore.com/ where I can collect points. SkinCeuticals is rarely discounted but usually once a year there’ll be a two week sale worth looking out for.



True Botanicals Serum Cleanser
True Botanicals: this line of natural skincare products are what I like to especially use at night. I love their Pre-cleanse Face Oil which I rub into my skin with my fingers and then after about 5 minutes put on the Nourishing Cleanser. Estimated retail: $48.
After that I put on their Renew serum mixed with either the Anti-oxidant powder or Vitamin C. Finally, I pat my face with Renew face oil as the last step (if I use retinol that night I put it on between the serum and the oil. That way I can use my gua sha rose quartz tool to contour my face.
Like C E Ferulic and Phloretin CF by Skinceuticals the True Botanical bottles are tinted brown. That is because light, and oxygen, can break down the serums and oils.



Elta MD SPF sunscreen moisturizer
Elta MD: Usually shows up as one of the top sunscreens and it’s not that expensive. I like that it is very light and spreadable and it takes exactly one pump to put out the amount I need for my face and neck. I also purchase usually on DermStore. Estimated retail for face SPF 46 sunscreen: $37.


GlowGlam: They are to face masks as we aspire to be for the eyes. I have used many of their masks but I especially like ThirstyMud because it is refreshing on my face and neck. You can get it at Dermstore or at your local Sephora. Estimated retail: $60.


CeraVe SPF sunscreen moisturizer
CeraVe: Yup, the drugstore brand that my dermatologist recommended. I’ve used their sunscreen, night cream, retinol, etc. The only thing I don’t like about this SPF lotion formulation is that it includes two types of parabens which can be harmful (note we do not allow parabens in any of our mascaras), that’s why I recommend Elta MD first. But if you want an effective SPF with moisture with 6.3% Zinc Oxide at a cheap price this is worth considering. Most products are available at your local drugstore. Estimated retail: $12.50.



Please note that we do not benefit in any way - financially or otherwise, from this blog post; we just thought you’d enjoy it.


What are your favorite skincare products? Please share them with us in the Comments section below. 

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