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Make-up and Athletics: Do They Go Together?

Make-up and Athletics: Do They Go Together?


Being at the top of your game as a female athlete means that you’re polished, poised, and professional. How you look matters as much as how you perform. Today’s top athletes wear make-up as a way to feel beautiful, powerful, and put-together.

Beauty and athleticism. It’s two qualities that many female athletes possess. Not only are they skilled at playing sports and competing in athletics, but they’re also able to master their make-up like pros.

From Olympic Gold medalists to Wimbledon whizzes, these fierce females are onto something. They combine make-up and matches, eyeliner and athletic events, and polish, poise, and perfection wherever they go to compete. There is a lot you can learn from them and their winning beauty routine.

Ready to Make an Appearance and Win Over the Crowd

Many inspiring women use make-up to enhance their self-esteem and athletic performance. We’ve listed a few here for you to learn about. Performance sports such as ice skating is one where the costume and make-up worn adds to the story conveyed by the athlete.

Some athletes who wear make-up during competitions include:

Aly Raisman/Shutterstock.com

  • Gymnast Aly Raisman.She states that she feels more confident when she wears make-up during competition. New Beauty asked her, “Do you only stick to waterproof, sweatproof makeup when you perform?” She replied, “The only waterproof makeup I use is mascara. Sometimes I will play around and use bright blue instead of black; I think it’s fun for a competition. If I wasn’t using a blue mascara or liner, I would always go for a bronzy eye to go for a more natural look.”
  • Track and Field Star Florence Griffith-Joyner.Setting the tone for future generations, she was ahead of her time with her beauty routine during athletic events in the 1980s. One of her most famous quotes is, “Conventional is not for me. I like things that are uniquely Flo. I like being different.”
  • Tennis Stars Serena and Venus Williams. The talented sisters love to wear eyeliner during matches. Venus states, “If I don't wear something I feel confident in, I don't play as well.” It goes for the make-up she chooses to wear on the court as well as her incredible tennis outfits.
  • Synchronized Swimmers Anita Alvarez and Mariya Koroleva.Part of how judges score them is how expressive their faces look while in the water. That’s why make-up is essential for the two athletes on Team USA. It allows them to be seen, noticed, and judged accordingly.

Anita Alvarez and Mariya Koroleva/Shutterstock.com

It takes skill to apply make-up in a way where it doesn’t interfere with an athletic performance. The women listed above are masters at what they do. They’re comfortable in their skin and feel confident showing others who they are when they perform. Some wear a full face of make-up while others prefer to wear a trace of eyeliner and mascara.

Make-Up and Athletics are a Winning Combination

Do make-up and athletics go together? They most certainly do! Each match, meet, and event is an occasion worth dressing up for. Athletes are in the public eye and always being photographed. When they feel good about their appearance, it shows in their performance. Many female athletes attribute some of their success to the way that they feel while participating in their sport of choice. Make-up has a definite impact on their self-esteem and their self-confidence.

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