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3 makeup tips for women over 50

3 makeup tips for women over 50

older woman makeup

During your 20s and 30s it was fun to get dressed up for an evening out on the town. Big smokey eyes with lots of Volume mascara, bright red lips, high cheekbones as defined by blush. It felt great. 

But as wrinkles start to show up on our faces those bright, bold colors don't always work as well. Why? Partly because those pesky wrinkles act as little crevasses for our makeup to fall into, giving an uneven, patchy appearance. 

A few tips for beautiful makeup for women over 50:

1. FACE: Consider aa matte foundation so makeup has a base to blend with. Also, because rosacrea can cause redness I suggest using a serum such as Skinceuticals Phyto Corrective gel before your foundation to even out the skin tone. 

2. EYES: Tone it down. Go for color to contour the eyes so they pop. We recommend any of our non-toxic mascaras. But for evening our Volume mascara creates that big, bold look. For a more natural, daytime look we recommend Lengthen or Extend to really lengthen the lashes. As for eye shadow you are encouraged to use a lid primer so the shadow lays down evenly and doesn't junk up in the creases. 

3. COLOR: The real goal is to create a fresh, rested look which will make you look younger. So more subtle colors is usually the way to go. Below is a wonderful video by professional make-up artist, Hindash, out of Dubai:


The lips, in particular, can bleed into the creases and make the wearer look older than she actually is - quite the opposite of the effect you want.

What about you, any suggestions of how best to wear make-up over the age of 50? Leave any insights you may have in the Comments section below.  

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