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Mascara pricing

Mascara pricing

We have increased our pricing and want to be very transparent about why.

- Discovery Sets: the value of three of our travel-size mascaras, at $10 each, is $30. To provide potential customers the opportunity to try out one of our Discovery Sets we wanted to make it so financially-easy that we priced a customer's first-time experience at $10. Plus free shipping. The demand has been overwhelming which we are incredibly grateful for. Yet we have learned that our customers don't want us to lose money on those Discovery Sets.  So for our valued newsletter followers we are offering the same $10 price se DS21 through March 31st, 2021 to get your first Discovery Set at the $10 price, plus Free Shipping! CODE: DS21

- Full-size Mascaras: if you wish to purchase a full-size mascara on a one-time basis we have increased prices by just 10% from $20 to $22. 

- Subscriptions: Anyone with a prepaid annual membership will not experience any price change in their current subscription throughout the end of their annual membership. If you do not currently have an annual prepaid subscription you can still get one through March 31st, 2021 at the same price; for example. 

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