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Chic BBQ Make-up

Chic BBQ Make-up


Barbeque Chic Make-up

The Fourth of July officially kicked off summer and now that we are looking at Covid in the rearview mirror it’s time to spend with family and friends over good food, good drinks, and even in-person concerts again.

It feels good to be able to spend time planning an outfit and take a bit more time putting on make-up. There will be so many photos taken and you’ll see everyone you know in the neighborhood or at the lake. Think cookouts, bonfires, and sunbathing. This summer it is worth more to put some extra thought into.

That’s why we are giving you the guide to the perfect chic look for any of your upcoming outdoor barbeques. Summertime makeup should be natural and focus on your suntanned skin and dewy glow. That being said, there are a few simple additions of color we suggest for the perfect makeup application.

Bold Red Lip

There is nothing better than a bold red lip for your next summer evening party. We suggest pairing it with subtle eye makeup and GrayLane Beauty’s Curl mascara. This is a patriotic but not over the top. You do not want to look like you’ve got the entire American flag on your face, but rather just the simple touches. Think MAC’s RubyWoo or Kylie Cosmetic’s Mary Jo K shade. GLB’s Curl mascara is water-resistant and really curls those lashes of yours.

A matte lipstick is probably the best formula as you’ll be eating and drinking and may go a while without reapplying.

Bold Blue Lip

If a bright red is still too similar to what you’d wear to the office, you might kick it up a notch with a bright blue lip. A blue lipstick doesn’t have to remind you of your childhood Halloween or gothic days. Blue lips can be stunning when applied in shades that are good for your skin. This is also a look we would suggest pairing with minimal other colors. Let the blue do the talking. We suggest adding a loose side braid and short shorts!

Add Some Glitter

Glitter announces that you are celebrating living without a suppressing face mask! Yet, too much glitter and you risk looking like a disco ball, but when applied strategically, you will be Instagram perfect. Add just a few glitter stars on your cheeks and near the outside corners of your eyes! This is super popular this year. You’ll be right on target with it.

Blue Liner

If you are looking for a lighter lip but a bold eye, blue eyeliner will be a chic and patriotic look with a shimmer shadow. We recommend a cat eye and GLB’s Volume.


No matter what your preferred lip, shadow, or mascara situation is, the final touch should always be highlighter. Summer is for glowing, friends. Highlighter is always the answer in the summertime. You might even kick your highlight up a notch to match those fireworks.

We love the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter. Here's a link.


And, of course, don’t forget your GrayLane Beauty mascara! And if it’s humid out remember that both our Curl and Lengthen mascaras are water-resistant.

Have fun at your summer barbeques and don’t forget to look and feel your best.

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