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Value, Prestige & Luxury Categories in Beauty

Value, Prestige & Luxury Categories in Beauty

What are they, and why do they matter?

The sheer volume of beauty products sold in the United States can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to using skincare products, fragrances, and cosmetics. Rather than spend a great deal of time researching the different categories beauty falls into, why not consult a short guide like this to help you become more aware of your options? Three categories are listed below for your consideration.

The beauty industry has many ways it markets its products. That way, they reach the right audience. If a product intended for one demographic gets advertised to the wrong group of people, it doesn’t improve sales. Understanding the different categories that make up hair, skin, nails, and cosmetics help you know where you stand as a consumer.

So, how exactly are beauty products categorized? What are the differences between Value, Prestige, and Luxury? Is one more favorable than another?

By the time you’re done reading the information provided here, you’ll be able to determine that for yourself. You’ll know which category a product falls under, and why that’s so. You’ll also be able to justify the cost of your purchase based on how the company presented it to you.

Value as a Category

Value is inexpensive products that you find at any drugstore or big box store. They’re well-known cosmetic companies who sell so many products that they can afford to keep prices low. Value products often use cheaper ingredients and packaging to reduce production costs. That’s how they offer savings to the public.

An example of a value cosmetics brand is Cover Girl.

Prestige as a Category

Prestige includes fragrances, skincare products, and cosmetics that are higher-priced than what you would find in your typical drugstore. The reason for an influx of sales in this category has a lot to do with Millennials, who are now aware of the benefits prestige products provide. One look at Instagram is all it takes to see how big of an influence make-up has on an audience.

GrayLane Beauty mascaras are priced in the prestige category although include high-quality ingredients that are often found in Luxury brands. 

Luxury as a Category

High-end brands that cost a significant amount more than value and prestige products fall into a category known as luxury. The cosmetics sold are made from premium ingredients and come in much more luxe packaging. They’re often sold through the brand’s retail stores and online storefront only. The exclusivity of these products is often what people perceive to be their value because not everyone has the money to buy them.

An example of a luxury cosmetics brand is Chanel.

Shop for Beauty Products in a More Informed Way

Now that you know how beauty is categorized, you’ll have a much easier time shopping for cosmetics. Click here for one of our Discovery Sets from GrayLane Beauty mascaras. 

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