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Wedding Makeup versus Evening Makeup

Wedding Makeup versus Evening Makeup

Summer is here and it is, you guessed it, wedding season! Wedding preparation can take over your life. There is so much to focus on: hair, nails, tanning, and of course, makeup. Wedding makeup can be anxiety producing for the bride because it has to set and last all night, it has to be perfect for photos, and in most cases it cannot be over the top.

Brides that are more traditional in presentation will adhere to specific makeup “rules”. Wedding makeup is very different than evening makeup or even date night makeup. It is soft, flattering, and some would even go as far as to say, virginal.

But what really are the differences? We break down a few key follows for you.

Subtle eyes vs. dramatic eyes

It is very rare that you would see a bride wearing a dark, smoky eye and heavy eyeliner. Yes, you may see a bride wearing a winged eye and a subtle smoke, but more often than note it seems that brides stick to neutral and light colors.

Friday night makeup, however, is often very dramatic and dark. You will see women wearing the Kris Jenner look and the heavy false lashes with serious highlight in the inner eye. You will also see women rocking incredibly bold, colorful eyes. These looks demand control.

They are beautiful and fun in their own right, but not typically bridal. This season brides are wearing subtle eye makeup with natural and bronze tones. Bold eyebrows and long eyelashes are very popular right now.


Most brides want their skin to be perfect. I mean, isn’t that what we all want? Brides especially, however, do not want anyone to notice their blemishes.

Wedding makeup will include high coverage foundation and concealer to ensure that any dark spots are covered and red spots are diminished. It is important to include a long-lasting primer before beginning these layers. Women want to look rested and energetic for their big days. A strong foundation is essential.

Many women may have this same worry during evening makeup, but it’s far more important to them on their wedding day.

Multiple layers

Wedding makeup needs to last through hundreds of photos. Most often you wouldn’t swipe of multiple layers of lipstick, eyeliner, and highlight for any old day out. But brides take so much longer to apply makeup because it needs to be pigmented enough to last through all of the photos that they will take.

This is tricky because you do not want to have a caked on effect.


The perfect lipstick

Finally, the perfect lipstick seals the deal for brides. This year many brides are wearing a bold red lip, whereas in past years women have tended to stick with the pink hues and glossy effects.

Either way, the perfect lipstick will be important because the bride will kiss her new spouse wearing it and she can’t lose the effect by her “I do” kiss.

This is very different than evening makeup where we may be far less concerned with transferring or losing pigment by locking lips.

Many brides spend a significant amount of time finding their ideal lipstick.

Regardless of what makeup you end up deciding on as a bride, it should make you feel beautiful and empowered and excited to start the next chapter in your life. Marriage is a marathon, not a spring. Make sure your makeup can keep up!

What about you - what type of makeup do you prefer for evenings out versus the perfect wedding look? Please leave a comment in the section below!

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