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We've Launched our Beta Program!

We've Launched our Beta Program!

We’ve launched our beta program and we’re very excited about sharing our line of mascaras with those who want the best mascara and want it on their schedule!

Layne Gray mascara launchAs we explain in our About Us our founder, Layne, a serial entrepreneur, created Gray Lane Beauty because of her frustration over what old mascara did to her eyes beyond just the flaking and smudging. She wished there was some sort of way that she could be alerted when it was time to throw out her mascara. There just really isn’t.

Layne set out to solve three problems related to mascara:

  1. FREQUENCY: Dollar Shave Club – they send out new razors so their members know when its time to throw out their old razor. That’s the membership model she wanted to emulate…for mascara. Where members receive a mascara every three months (that’s the frequency the Academy of Ophthamology recommends, as does the FDA), or more often if someone so chooses. The member receives a 10% discount if they subscribe. But her experience with subscriptions has been that some lock you in and she didn’t want that. So members can unsubscribe at any time. Yet if a member wishes to pre-pay for an annual subscription they receive their full-size mascara quarterly and get four for the price of three which reflects a 25% discount.
  2. CHOICES: How to decide which mascara to buy when there are so many that it can be overwhelming (which is why many of us stick to the same old one we’ve been buying for years). Layne created what is referred to as Discovery Sets each of which includes three different travel-size mascaras. A $30 value, she priced the first Discovery Set at just $10 (using Promo Code FIRSTSET). That’s break-even but Layne did it because she believes members will fall in love with at least one of the offered mascaras and will sign-up for a subscription. And for those who aren’t sure exactly which Discovery Set they want there is a fun, quick Quiz which results in a recommended Set with a link to that product page.
  3. QUALITY: Layne evaluated so many mascaras from the Cosmetic Chemists around the world. She then ran numerous focus group studies to help determine which formulas and brushes were the best. Her motto: only the highest-quality ingredients and nothing from her blacklist of ingredients (Parabens, for example - they’re bad).

Solving those issues Layne made it her mission to be more substantial than just another new indie beauty brand. Rather, she jumped through a bunch of hoops to become certified by B Lab as a Pending B Corp. What that means is GLB takes into consideration the impact each decision has on various constituents such as customers, employees, the community, vendors, as well as the environment. Then, all products are certified as Cruelty-Free by Leaping Bunny. Next, she made a commitment to donate $1 for every full-size mascara order to anti-bullying charities.

That’s the story. We hope you’ll join us in getting fresh, high-quality mascara on a timely basis. It’s About Time.

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