Have You Tried TikTok’s Viral Boyfriend Blush Trend?

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When it comes to beauty and especially makeup looks, the sky is the limit, especially when you’re exploring TikTok and its hive of busy, beauty content creators. From more innocent, fresh-faced looks like “strawberry girl summer” makeup to more vampy styles like “martini makeup”, you can find a look to suit pretty much every aesthetic. However, the latest makeup trend to go viral on TikTok is a little thing dubbed the “boyfriend blush” effect. What is this boyfriend  blush effect you may ask?

Whereas blush is traditionally placed on just the apple of the check, higher up on the cheekbones for a faux-contour effect, or across the nose for an “I’m cold” effect, “boyfriend blush” is a very natural-looking flush of color that sits lower down on the cheek. 

Instead of looking “cold” or “cutesy”, the effect gives off a pretty, almost tomboyish effect like a soccer player who just spent the day in the sun, chasing a ball across the field, think Princess D in her early years or a cute rugby player. Following up on the last question, how does one get this adorably, tomboyish vibe? Keep on reading to find out!

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The Boyfriend Blush Effect

One of my favorite things about the “boyfriend blush” effect is how insanely easy it is. 

When it comes to blush applications like an “e-girl” style, the rule of thumb is basically an “overapplication”, although I think there can never truly be enough blush, across the bridge of the nose, on the cupid’s bow, and on the apples of the cheeks leading up to your temples. 

Whereas with “boyfriend blush” it may be easier to think of applying your blush, preferably a liquid or cream product to begin with, in a triangular-ish shape. 

Start out with the area right next to the apple of your cheek, closer to your nose, and spread out to the highpoint of your cheek. Then apply or tap away the product down towards where your lips are and blend, blend, blend till you get a sheer to medium-level application. 

Once the cream or liquid product is applied, you can go over it with a light layering of a powder blush to set the wetter product in place or give whatever color you’re using an extra ompth in deepness or to kind of create a two-toned effect. For example, if you go in with a reddish blush, then you can layer with a deeper orange color around the edges or over the entire cheek. One, two, three and “boyfriend blush” away you go!

What Products To Use To Get The “Boyfriend Blush” Look

Regarding products for achieving this look, it’s probably something you’ve already got in your beauty arsenal.

Optimally, the blush color should resemble the colors of your cheeks after a run, so think soft pinks and mauves or deeper reds and oranges based on the deepness of your complexion and your skin’s undertone.  As previously mentioned, we recommend going in with a cream blush first, from which there area bevy of options, including:

These amazing creme blushes from a Phillipines-based beauty brand Sunnies Face, dubbed Airblush ($18). For that natural look, we recommend goes with shades from the brand like “disco”, “fig”, or “girl crush”.  We also recommend the Joah Beauty Serum Blush Tint ($13.99), in colors like “poppy pink” or “dusky rose”. 

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Not only is this product highly affordable, but it’s also extremely malleable. Just use a teeny amount (you won’t need much!) and spread it out using your fave blush brush, a sponge, or honestly just the pads of your fingers. Did we mention it’s infused with ceramides and Vitamin B5, so you’re skin will get an extra boost of moisture as you enjoy this stylish tomboy look. 

Once the blush is blushing, you can take the look up another level by adding a dewey touch to help you mimic the effect of running across a soccer field or a quick sprint as you rush to meet up with some friends.There are a few ways to go about this. 

  • There is, of course, going in with extra-moisturizing base products like the Joah Beauty Hydrating Glow Primer ($11.99) or the brand’s Perfecting BB Cream ($9.99).
  • Then once the base and other face products are applied and everything is set with a light layer of powder, go in with a dewey setting mist, like the Joah Beauty Hydrating Glow Cream Mist ($17.99) and a bit of highlighter applied after you mist over your face. 
  • Apply the highlighter along the height of your cheekbones and up to your temples, and along bridge of your nose and your cupid’s bow if you aren’t afraid to look a little shiny. I know we aren’t!

Be it a “boyfriend blush” or any other TikTok-viral trend, beauty is meant for everyone to enjoy and play with so make sure to always have some fun along the way.


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