Meet Lisa Kelechava, Founder & CEO of Treefrog Relief

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“We rise by lifting others.”

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Tell us about your brand and how you describe it

Treefrog is a groundbreaking product developed for a whole new generation of pain sufferers. Treefrog is all-natural, contains no scary stuff, and is designed for people like me who hate taking pain relief medicine. It is entirely plant-based and was inspired by ancient rainforest recipes for medicinal products.  

Why did you launch it?

I had some health issues about 14 years ago that I entirely blame on too many artificial sweeteners, preservatives, etc. I needed to face the reality that I needed to start eating cleaner and eliminate the artificial junk from my life like Diet Coke and artificial sugars. I also visited Costa Rica for the first time and loved their very clean approach to living, their fresh foods, and their love of natural products. In Costa Rica, they use ingredients and raw materials they have access to. That country is basically self sustainable. This was interesting to me, especially the whole natural approach. My health issues disappeared after I cleaned up my act, and I have never looked back. 

What were some of the biggest challenges you faced getting your company off the ground and how did you overcome?

There are so many challenges to launching a brand new product into a global marketplace. However, pain is a universal problem and affects all age groups, even the younger generation. More sedentary lifestyles and the addiction to tech has created a whole new generation of pain sufferers earlier in life. It is a big group to reach and our biggest challenge is getting the word out on how good Treefrog is.  

What would you say was your big breakthrough moment…

We are finding that Treefrog helps all types of pain.  We have testimonials from Treefrog users who are finding it is really helping their neuropathy. In fact, we are currently in the middle of a clinical trial focusing specifically on neuropathy. We have several brand ambassadors and one is a professional surfing instructor and competitive athlete.  He discovered that Treefrog takes the sting out of jellyfish stings and is using it for stings and also for his daily workout recovery.  

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What is the most rewarding aspect of what you do?

Hands down, this type of product helps people, and it continues to help people. Plus, the all-natural approach is what so many people are after. So many people have told us that they are looking for a natural approach to handling health issues and I think this is why we have had such a great reception to the product in such a short time on the market. We only started shipping products in August 2023.

What’s next for you/your brand? Anything new/exciting on the horizon?

We have lots of exciting things on the horizon.  As I mentioned, we are involved in a clinical trial for neuropathy.  We also are getting ready to introduce Treefrog Xtreme, which is an even stronger formula. In addition, we are starting to establish Treefrog in markets outside the US. Pain is a universal issue and knows no geographical boundaries. Right now it is only sold in the US, but that is about to change here shortly.




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