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Advisory Board

GrayLane Beauty's Advisory Board is made up of indistry-leading experts who share their insights and expertise with GrayLane Beauty management to ensure the highest-quality products are offered in a transparent and healthy manner. 


David Chant M Plus Cosmetics

David Chant is a Cosmetic Chemist with a B.A. in Physics from Manhattan College as well as a M.A. in Physics from SUNY Stony Brook.  His first job after gaining his Masters was as a Research and Development (R&D) Chemist at Estee Lauder focused on emulsions (emulsions are the integration of disparate liquids such as oil and water in mascara). He then moved on to L'Oreal as an R&D Chemist developing mascara formulas.

David is the co-founder of M Plus Cosmetics headquartered in 'Cosmetic Valley' outside of Milan, Italy. M Plus specializes in the creation, development and manufacturing of color cosmetics. 

"GrayLane Beauty's unique model provides clients with high-quality formulas that are enhanced by precision brushes. Yet with all cosmetic products, like food products, etc., bacteria can enter the container after opened. During this time of Covid-19 GLB's at the right place at the right time - incentivizing their customers to keep their mascara fresh while empowering women to feel and look their best."



Chantelle Hartshorne makeup artist

Born in Victoria BC Chantelle Hartshorne started her career as a makeup artist at fourteen. At eighteen she moved to Montreal and was hired by MAC. In 2009, after moving quickly through the MAC hierarchy, she made the transition to a full time freelance artist. In 2011, she moved to San Francisco to attend the Academy of Art University. Upon graduation with an art degree Chantelle established ChantelleStudio, a successful photo/hair/makeup business.

As the Creative Director and Head Stylist for StyleBee, Chantelle juggles her time between large-scale event coordination, specialized makeups for VIP clientele and stylist training. She is heavily involved in leading the StyleBee’s corporate strategic direction.

For more about Chantelle visit her Instagram account here


Dr. Shetal (Nicky) Shah

Shetal (Nicky) Shah, M.D. is a practicing ophthalmologist in Long Island, NY specializing in the medical and surgical treatment of corneal diseases, cataract surgery and ocular surface diseases such as dry eyes and blepharitis.  

Dr. Shah grew up in Long Island, New York, completing her undergraduate education at New York University where she obtained a B.A. in Biochemistry. She then attended medical school at SUNY Downstate. 

In her clinical practice, Dr. Shah realized that one of the most challenging and prevalent ocular surface conditions are dry eyes and blepharitis (Blepharitis is an inflammation of the eyelids in which they become red, irritated and itchy with dandruff-like scales that form on the eyelashes. It is often caused by bacteria getting onto the lashes). Many women who seek her care, although aggravated by blepharitis symptoms, refuse to adhere to the basic medical advise of selecting safe, healthy eye make-up. This inspired Dr. Shah to become an advisor to GrayLane Beauty and its commitment to the Clean Beauty movement

For more about Dr. Shah and her passion for safe eye products, visit her Instagram account here

"In addition to their commitment to clean beauty, I chose to advise GrayLane Beauty because their model encourages members to have safer beauty practices by changing out their mascara every quarter, and as a result, reduces the eye area's potential exposure to unwanted bacteria." 

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