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  1. QUIZ. Answer a few simple questions about your mascara uses. Click here to take the quiz. 
  2. RECOMMENDATION. We'll recommend three mascaras - your personalized Discovery Set. Yet you'll have the option to change to another set you may prefer. 
  3. PERSONALIZATION. We'll send you your Discovery Set in travel size for a mere $9.  Your Set will ship within 48 hours of your order. And shipping is always free on Discovery Sets!
  4. EASY. So why do we do it? Because we think you’ll love one or more of the mascaras. What have you got to lose? Sure, maybe a couple Vente Lattes, but this way you’ll have three awesome mascaras to try out.
  5. SUBSCRIBE. Let us know your favorite(s) and we’ll send you that mascara as often as you wish. Our recommendation, which is in keeping with the guidelines set forth by the FDA and American Academy of Ophthamology is to change your mascara every quarter or more often if you want to be extra fresh.
  6. YOUR CHOICE. You can cancel at any time...we’ll send you an email a week before your scheduled shipment so you’ll have plenty of time to pause or opt out altogether.

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