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Our Story

Our Story

Founder, Layne Gray, was getting ready for an event that Friday evening. She doesn't wear a lot of make-up but mascara is a must, whether to a black-tie gala or out to the ski slope. Sure, each of those activities dictate different styles of mascara, but that, too, is a factor in why she created Gray Lane Beauty.

That Friday her favorite mascara wasn't providing a lot of coverage. She checked for the expiration date on the tube which, surprisingly, did not exist.

Later that evening Layne went to the Ladies Room and was aghast when looking in the mirror and seeing little dots of mascara under her eyes. She tried to rub the flakes away but some got into her eyes which started burning, turning the whites of her eyes red.

She figured there had to be a better way... So she started Gray Lane Beauty.

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