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Why GrayLane Beauty mascaras?

Clean Beauty Compliant

Vegan, Parabens-free, Cruelty-free, meets the Clean Beauty standards.


No flaking, smudging. or eye irritation. Easily removed and long-lasting.

Precision brushes

Each brush has been designed to enhance the specific formulas.


- 1 -

Are Parabens Bad?

It is very important to know and understand the impact of the ingredients in our beauty products.

- 2 -

Beauty during the Pandemic

It's only the eyes we can see in the time of mask-wearing. 4 tips to stay chic...and healthy.

Which- 3 -

5 Trends in Beauty

Catch up on the latest in beauty trends worth knowing about. Which is your favorite?

Our Mission

Produce and deliver clean, high-quality beauty products on a timely basis that empower people to feel their best.


Giving Back

For every full-size mascara purchased GrayLane Beauty donates $1 to buildOn to benefit their Adult Literacy program in Nepal.

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