Rising Rock Star Gina Zo on Her Journey, Major Musical Influence and the Rare Beauty Liquid Blush She Loves

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Rising LGBT+ rock sensation and NBC’s “The Voice” alum Gina Zo is ready for a new beginning with her band Velvet Rouge! Gina and her pop-rock band are making waves in the music industry, and this is just the beginning.

After captivating audiences on a national stage at just 17 and securing her spot on “Team Blake Shelton,” Gina formed her band Velvet Rouge and set out to make a name for them in Philadelphia’s vibrant music scene. From the intimate stages of local venues to the bustling streets of their hometown, Gina and the band garnered a dedicated following. On stage, it is evident that Gina is a true front woman and rockstar. With every performance more electrifying than the last, Gina’s comfort and command of the stage stems from her background as a competitive dancer. But it’s in the music where her true power shines through. Her songs, crafted from raw emotion and unfiltered honesty, resonate with audiences seeking solace in the complexities of life.

Gina embodies the essence of fierce advocacy, championing not only women’s rights but also proudly standing as a beacon for LGBTQ+ equality as a bisexual woman. During Pride Month 2022, Gina boldly came out by releasing a stirring anthem called “Faking It,” which she dedicates to anyone who feels like they have to shield their true identities to conform to societal expectations. In her lyrics, she urges listeners to embrace their authentic selves. Gina didn’t recognize her bisexuality until she was an adult, and her evolution is a testament to empowerment and self-discovery.

Beginning her music career as a teenager on a national stage, Gina’s journey to rock stardom has been anything but easy. Faced with pressures to conform and compromise her artistic integrity, Gina made the difficult decision to quit the industry and opted to pursue other passions such as photography and fashion. After some time away, Gina found herself being called back to making music with a new set of eyes and passion. In 2020, she re-formed the band, began recording new music, and playing shows.

This time around, she knew she needed to take control, heading the mission to create an environment surrounded with both passion and purpose. Gina also sees a need for change in how women in the music industry are treated, and she is passionate about the idea of being a spokesperson for young artists who are trying to make it in the industry. 


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Ahead, Beautify caught up with the rising rock star to learn a little more about her journey, what’s next, and of course, a few of her mainstage beauty product faves she never leaves home without.

The Journey So Far: Since your impactful journey on “The Voice” and being part of Blake Shelton’s team, how have those experiences shaped your music and artistic vision with Velvet Rouge?

My time with The Voice really proved to myself that I was good enough to achieve success. It gave me the confidence to tell myself that my voice was worthy of putting out into the world – and because I was just 18, it was extremely influential on the rest of my career. I now look at no idea or thought as unachievable – every concept is possible.

New Beginnings: You’re about to make a big announcement about Velvet Rouge’s first single. Can you share the themes or inspirations behind this upcoming track?

Absolutely! ‘Lonely Since the Day We Met’ is a song that reaches into the undeniable feeling of dread when you realize you never loved someone you are with. They never gave you what you needed – and in reality you’ve been with them because it was the easy way out – instead of coming to terms with the fact you’ve been lonely since the day you met them.

Musical Inspirations: Every artist has a unique musical DNA. Who are some of the artists or bands that have influenced you and Velvet Rouge the most, and how do they resonate in your new music?

Stevie Nicks has always hands-down been my favorite and the most influential artist in my repertoire of influences. She has a career that has so much depth and she has gone through so many different journeys. Secondly, I love artists like Norah Jones who are experts in their category. She has won 9 Grammys and still to this day releases albums and has graced the stage of Coachella this year – nothing is too far off for her at any stage in her career.

Artists like these have taught me that there is power in being a woman – that directly correlates to these songs. I pushed hard for these to be the songs for the record. I am thrilled to have pushed for that.

Beauty Favorites: As a rising star, you’re constantly in the spotlight. Could you share some of your go-to beauty products or routines that help you stay stage-ready and feel confident?

 Yes. One moment as I pull out my beauty case… The first most important thing to me is my Beautifect makeup case. As we are still a growing name, we don’t always get cool green rooms and sometimes the bathroom is my only place to get ready. So, I got this makeup case because it has built in lighting and mirrors.

For generations my family has been using Estee Lauder products – specifically the Double wear line. I use the Double Wear foundation and concealer for all shows. I rotate with my blushes and bronzers, but currently I do a stack of blush – Rare Beauty liquid blush in the color Joy with a topper of Nars’ blush in the color Orgasm. And of course Pat McGrath for my lips – LiquiLUST matte lipstick in the shade Wild Orchid.

Looking Ahead: Beyond the new single, what exciting projects should your fans look forward to in the coming months? Are there any collaborations or tours on the horizon for Velvet Rouge?

YES! We are so excited about the shows that we have coming up, including a very gorgeous festival run – many festivals that I have dreamed of playing! One being XPoNential Fest in Philly that got rained out last year. We also have some new merch – including my FIRST vinyls EVER… which is so exciting. OH and some really fun fashion collaborations that I cannot share just yet, but cannot wait to open up to you soon.

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