Sizzling Summer Haircare Secrets from Celebrity Hair Stylist Marco Pelusi

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Summer is here, and while we’re all excited for beach days and sun-kissed skin, our hair might not be feeling the same joy. But worry not, because we’ve got insider tips from none other than Marco Pelusi, the celebrity Haircolor Authority, Educator, and Stylist extraordinaire from Marco Pelusi Studio in West Hollywood. Get ready to fight frizz, keep your color vibrant, and protect those luscious locks from summer’s harsh elements. Whether you’re a beach babe or a poolside diva, Marco’s got the secrets to keep your hair looking vibrant and healthy all season long.

Summer Haircare Secret 1: Fight the Frizz

The hair acts much like a sponge.  It will mimic whatever environment it is in.  During the summer humid months, the hair will absorb the humidity that surrounds it, and this will cause ‘frizz’ in the hair.  This problem makes the hair very difficult to style and control.  What we must do during the humid months is provide an effective barrier for the hair against the environment. 

One extremely effective way to do this is with a hairspray!  The spray will provide a barrier: use the spray after the hair is dry to lock out the humidity.  But the trick is to use a spray that actually provides benefit to the hair – and not to use a spray that will dry nor damage the hair.  Non aerosol is preferred.  Explore a lovely lightweight, gentle spray in Marco Color Guard Hairspray at marco® color guard hairspray with collagen color guard® – Marco Pelusi Studio

Summer Haircare Secret 2: Go Lighter and Brighter

Don’t wait as long between color appointments as color can fade rapidly during summer.  And: consider adding lighter pieces to your color for the summer.  Let the warmer season work in tandem with your hair color – feel lighter and brighter with the new summer sun with adding highlights and dimension to your color!    

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Summer Haircare Secret 3: Be Smart About Your Shampoo

Maintain your summer color with a shampoo that’s formulated for color treated hair. The wrong shampoo can strip color, which is a disaster when combined with summer sun.  Ingredients such as mineral oil can dull and strip color.  Check out the Marco Shampoo Collection at Shampoo – Marco Pelusi Studio

Summer Haircare Secret 4: Protect Against the Elements

Be careful when outside – consider wearing a hat in the sun.  Most importantly, wet your hair prior to getting into a swimming pool.  The hair behaves just like a sponge; it will absorb whatever it is first introduced to.  So, it’ll absorb chlorine (which wreaks havoc on hair color) rather quickly. 

Give the hair a chance to allow the chlorine to not be absorbed by saturating your hair with water prior to getting into a pool.  Consider using a leave in conditioner prior to the pool to provide a protective barrier.  Check out Marco Anti Frizz Leave In Conditioner at marco® anti-frizz leave-In conditioner with collagen color guard® – Marco Pelusi Studio

Summer Haircare Secret 5: Don’t Forget the SPF

Your hair needs protection as well but it’s important to use SPF’s that are formulated for hair. Using a gel, conditioner or spray that contains sunscreen is a must for summer months.  Marco products contain sunscreen.  Check out the Marco Styling Collection at Styling – Marco Pelusi Studio

Ready to have some fun in the sun? Check out Marco Summer HairCare Collection for all your summer haircare needs at 


Marco Pelusi is globally recognized as a leading Haircolor Authority, renowned Platform Artist & Educator, Salon Owner, and fashion-forward Celebrity Haircolorist. Marco’s love for haircolor began at his family’s upscale chain of East Coast salons. Early in his career, he became a top Educator at one of the world’s leading Italian haircolor companies. He was then sought out to be the National Haircolor Educator for an esteemed Los Angeles-based color company.

To date, Marco executes standing-room-only, sold-out performances on the stages of the International Beauty Shows. Marco also appears regularly on TV as a haircolor makeover expert on FOX, Hallmark and KTLA.  Marco’s premier Studio is located on Robertson Blvd. in the heart of the trendy, ultrachic West Hollywood Design District, since 2005. 

Marco’s luxurious, spa-like salon is the premier retailer of the Marco® Collagen Color Guard® HairCare System, the first and only complete collagen-based system developed for color- and chemically-treated hair.   

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