Top 5 Summer Skincare Mistakes According to a Licensed Esthetician

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With summer in full swing, it is important to stay on top of your skincare routine. However, skincare expert, licensed esthetician & wellness enthusiast Sara Botta says many don’t realize that there are certain skincare dos and don’ts to follow when the weather heats up. 

Ahead, Botta shares the top 5 mistakes her clients make when it comes to their summer skincare routine.  

Top 5 Summer Skincare Mistakes

Mistake 1: Thinking that protecting the skin stops with sunscreen. 

While most of my clients these days know the importance of sunscreen and even reapplying, especially during beach days, many don’t realize the importance of environmental protection for their skin.  Environmental stressors are things such as smoke, pollution, and free radicals that are in the air around us, including blue light from our digital devices.  Think about how an apple turns brown when you cut it, that same oxidation and cell damage is happening to our skin. We need supreme antioxidant protection, as well as our sun protection, to fully protect our skin from the elements.  I love the Ultraceuticals Ultra Protective Antioxidant Complex, which goes over your moisturizer and under your sunscreen (their Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturising SPF 50+ Mineral is divine).  

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Mistake 2: Skipping hydration because it’s hot or humid. 

While many of my clients do change their skincare routines seasonally, I always remind them that they still need to use a good moisturizer, and possibly a hydration serum during the warmer months.  Yes, even oily skin.  The sun and heat, as well as the pool or the ocean, can make the skin surface dry.  When the skin is surface dry, oil can become trapped and clog pores, the skin can be more likely to become irritated and inflamed or red, as well as textured, dull and uneven. You can switch to a lighter moisturizer or for my oily skin guests, I recommend that they use a hydrating serum containing ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Panthenol and Niacinamide as their moisturizer, but don’t skip it!

Mistake 3: Forgetting to protect your eye area, ears, and scalp.

 It can be easy to do when you are rushing to apply your sun and environmental protection, but don’t forget to apply your protection to those delicate areas.  There are also products made to protect the hair and scalp, but putting a light dabbing of sunscreen and layering on any hair parts will protect the scalp without being greasy, especially if you use your facial formula. Protective clothing and hats are also a great idea for full coverage.

Mistake 4: Getting a tan to treat acne.

 I know that everyone loves having some color during the summer months, but while it is never a good idea to go tanning or lay out without sun protection, it is one of the biggest myths and mistakes clients make when they go out in the sun to tan away their breakouts.  While initially you might feel better because you have more color and breakouts may dry up some, you are ultimately going to throw your skin off balance and it will become surface dry. As mentioned earlier, oils need to flow freely and this will trap it in the pore creating more congestion and breakouts.  

Mistake 5: Stopping your corrective serums and facial treatments over the summer. 

Many of my clients ask if they need to stop using their active serums like hydroxy acids and retinol or stop getting facials over the summer.   This depends.  When it comes to ingredients like retinol and hydroxy acids, you need to be using sun protection year-round to prevent sun sensitivity and reap the full benefits. So, if you are diligent with your sun protection over the summer and are willing to reapply SPF as directed, then there is no need to stop those products.  I know I want to get the most out of my skincare all year! As for facial treatments, there are so many wonderful treatments that can be customized for your skin’s needs in every season, you can find a treatment that serves your skin even in the middle of the summer.  

Same rules apply to peels as active serums at home – be wise with your plans and if you are going to be on the beach all week following a treatment, maybe that day you get a hydrating facial instead of a peel. I love the Ultraceuticals B2 Hydration Mask for my guests who need some extra hydration or soothing for summer skin.


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