What is the ‘Kitty Cut’? A Celeb Hair Stylist Explains

kitty cut
Photo: Rossano Ferretti

Looking for the purr-fect new hair style for summer? The ‘kitty cut’ hairstyle has surged in popularity amongst those who want to experiment with different hairstyles this year. In fact, searches for ‘the kitty cut’, ‘kitty cut hairstyle’ and the ‘kitty cut haircut’ have surged over 5,000% in the past month alone in the US.

“Nestled between the length of a long bob or shoulder cut, the kitty cut features long textured layers and an overgrown curtain fringe that softly frames the face”, says celebrity hair stylist Rossano Ferretti. “It’s crafted for low maintenance and a soft texture, aligning with our philosophy of embracing natural beauty. This hairstyle is more than a trend; it’s a versatile and timeless choice that can be customized to fit anyone’s personal style.”

Now, stylists at Rossano Ferretti reveal what the kitty cut is, which hair types can pull it off, how to ask for it at the salon and the best styling tips. 

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Wolf cut, cub cut, kitty cut… What’s the difference?

The “kitty cut” differentiates itself from a similar popular haircut choice of recent, the “wolf cut.” While the latter is a revival of the 1970s-style shag with razored layers and blunt bangs, the kitty cut opts for a softer approach with rounded layers and breezy texture. It’s essentially a more wearable, lower-maintenance version of the shag cut. Shoulder length and universally flattering, the kitty cut combines classic style with an edge that’s anything but boring.

With its softer, more natural shape, the kitty cut is perfectly achieved with our world-famous Ferretti Metodo Cut. Also known as the Ferretti Invisible Cut, this technique focuses on the natural fall of the wearer’s hair, leaving no bluntness or signs of scissors behind.

What hair types can rock the kitty cut?

One of the most appealing aspects of the kitty cut hairstyle is its versatility. This cut suits a wide range of hair types, from straight to wavy, and even curly hair. Its layered structure adds volume and movement, making it ideal for those with fine hair seeking a fuller look. At the same time, it can tame and give shape to thicker hair. The overgrown curtain fringe can be tailored to complement various face shapes, making it a universally flattering choice.


kitty cut

How to ask for a kitty cut?

When asking for a kitty cut at a salon, it’s important to communicate your personal style while your hairstylist assesses your hair type. We always emphasize the importance of customization with our world-renowned Ferretti Metodo Cut. This technique tailors the cut to your unique hair texture and type, ensuring the kitty cut complements your natural beauty. Your hairstylist will discuss your desired length, the extent of layering, and how you prefer your fringe to frame your face. 

Styling tips for the kitty cut

The charm of the kitty cut lies in its effortless appeal, and styling it should be equally uncomplicated. To maintain the soft, textured look, we offer a range of styling products. For instance, our Velluto Straightening Serum helps in achieving a sleek, frizz-free finish for those with straight or slightly wavy hair. If your hair is on the curlier side, the Favoloso Perfect Curls Enhancing Serum will accentuate and define your curls while keeping them soft and manageable.

To style your fringe, a small touch of our Grandioso Spray can add volume with a light hold and can be used on both damp and dry hair. And to maintain the health and shine of your kitty cut, regular use of the Prodigio Regenerating Oil helps support strong, healthy and shiny hair. These types of styling products ensure your hair stays nourished, vibrant, and perfectly suited to the kitty cut’s chic silhouette.


Rossano Ferretti Parma has redefined luxury haircare for the 21st century, focusing on quality craftsmanship and innovative skincare technology, reinforcing its position as the world’s most desirable hair care brand. A family-owned legacy spanning three generations of Italian hair heritage and world-class hair spas in the most luxurious 5* locations around the globe; our founder and TV show personality, Rossano Ferretti, is the creator of the famous Ferretti Metodo Cut and the proudly 100% made in Italy, Rossano Ferretti Parma design haute couture style hair care products, unrivaled in their nature based, performance-driven formulas.

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