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Start out by designing your own Discovery Set of three Travel-Size mascaras. For $5. You get to have the fun trying three distinct luxury-quality mascaras.

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Take The Quiz

Answer a few quick questions and, voila, for $5 you’ll receive three distinct, highest-quality Travel-Size mascaras. We think you’ll love them so much you’ll want more.

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Set Your Schedule

Want two Travel-Size mascaras every month? Maybe a Lengthening for Day and Volume for Evening? Or your fave Full-Size mascara once a quarter?

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No Long-Term Commitment

Our mission: provide you fresh mascara when you want it. Cancel one week+ and you’re out; don’t worry, we’ll remind you in advance.


We share with you where our products are produced (Italy, U.S.A. and Mexico), assembled (U.S.A.) and shipped from (U.S.A.).

We also share with you how the price has been calculated. Moreover, for every full-size mascara purchased we donate $1 to non-profit organizations addressing teen bullying.


We’ll remember for you when it’s time to replace your mascara. You can vary that schedule or not have a schedule at all.

We’ve got you covered. So you go out and change the world.


Real products made with only the highest-quality ingredients. We don’t use any ingredient that can be harmful to you and your eyes. In fact we’ve got a list of twelve ingredients we specifically exclude.