4 Simple Steps to Remove Magnetic Eyeliner (Guide)

Seeking extensive, luscious eyelashes is everyone’s dream, like mine. I imagine they make anyone’s facial area appear much more glamorous and gorgeous. I have had extremely limited eyelashes given that birth, so I have always relied on fake lashes to enrich my eyes. Nonetheless, utilizing false lashes is monotonous, specifically all through a time crunch. 

When magnetic eyelashes and eyeliners came out, I had to try them. They are straightforward to implement and extended-long lasting. At first, I hesitated to check out them on due to the presence of magnetic substances, but when I received the cling of the suitable plan, it was like a piece of cake. I am right here to aid you all all over again and instruct you my way with tons of ideas on how to eliminate magnetic eyeliner. 

How to Remove Magnetic Eyeliner? (Suggestions To Safeguard Your Eyes)

What is magnetic eyeliner?

Magnetic eyeliner is an eyeliner with magnetic iron oxide existing in it in addition to the frequent components of an eyeliner, creating it adhere to magnetic eyelashes rapidly. It also can help to elevate eyelashes with no any chaos. Magnetic eyeliner is equivalent to normal eyeliner and adds definition and boldness to the eyes.  

Magnetic eyeliners

How does it operate?

Magnetic eyeliners have magnetic iron oxide, which is made up of rates opposite to that of magnetic eyelashes, creating them appeal to magnetic lashes and stick to them quickly. 

How Can You Properly Take away Magnetic Eyeliner Without Finding Damage?

Move 1: Eradicating Eyelashes

Eradicating magnetic eyelashes with tweezers or gently with your fingers is the most considerable and crucial phase in getting rid of the eyeliner. Bacterial infections in the eyes can outcome from inappropriate eyelash elimination. Getting rid of eyelashes slowly and gradually and gently is an helpful approach to stay away from triggering any bacterial infections.

Step 2: Storing the Eyelashes

The up coming action in cleansing magnetic residue from the lashes is to use micellar h2o. The lashes need to be stored diligently in a situation to avert hurt since they are normally reusable. 

removing magnetic liner

Action 3: Eliminating the Eyeliner

Making use of a cotton swab and an oil-based mostly cleanser, carefully rub your eyelid to take away magnetic eyeliner. To extensively take out the eyeliner, gently swirl the cotton swab all over in a round way. 

Step 4: Double Cleaning the eyes

Use yet another cotton swab to take away and wipe the eyelids of any magnetic residue effectively. You can avert any ailment from the magnetic residue by 2 times cleansing any magnetic iron oxide residue still left on your eyelid with a water-dependent cleanser.

FAQs | How To Remove Magnetic Eyeliner?

Does magnetic eyeliner appear off very easily?

Eradicating magnetic eyeliner is not really various from removing common eyeliner. Nonetheless, it involves specific treatment as it has magnetic iron oxide, which can cause discomfort and allergic reactions on the eyelids if left for far too extensive.

removing magnetic eyeliner

How do you get rid of magnetic eyeliner without having makeup remover?

Instead of a makeup remover, you can use oil and a cotton swab to clear away magnetic eyeliner. The oil will gently take away the eyeliner without the need of creating redness and discomfort. Make guaranteed to doubly cleanse the eyelid and eliminate any trace of magnetic iron oxide in the eyeliner from the eyelid. 

Is it undesirable to rest with magnetic eyeliner?

Magnetic eyeliner and lashes will have to be eradicated right before sleeping, as they include magnetic substances that can be dangerous to snooze on, producing discomfort, redness, and allergies in the eyes.

Is magnetic eyeliner safe and sound for the eyes?

In comparison to glue-centered untrue lashes, magnetic eyeliner, and magnetic eyelashes are much better. The initial motive is that they are basic to use and save time. The second purpose is that some untrue eyelash glue includes cyanoacrylate. This formaldehyde donor irritates the eye’s floor and harms the eyes.

magnetic lashes before and after

Is all magnetic eyeliner black?

There are many shades of magnetic eyeliner obtainable in the industry moreover black these involve brown, blue, and green. 

What are the aspect effects of magnetic eyeliner?

Magnetic eyeliner can trigger eyelid bacterial infections and allergic reactions because of to the existence of magnetic substances when still left on the eyelid for also extended. Misusing the eyeliner can induce the organic eyelashes to appear off and destruction hair follicles.

Can you wear magnetic eyeliner for the duration of MRI?

You should get rid of magnetic eyeliner before likely for MRI as it can induce problems to the scanner and hindrance in the MRI scan report. The robust magnetic area in the magnetic eyeliner can entice a magnetic area and occur in movement creating destruction to the scanner and cornea of the eyes.


I have employed magnetic eyeliners for a very long time, and they’ve turn out to be my greatest good friends. They are not only less difficult to implement but also to consider off. With an knowing of how to get rid of magnetic eyeliner, they will turn out to be your go-to each individual working day. Just don’t forget to get rid of the eyeliner devoid of hurting the eyes gently and very carefully.  

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