Steal My Look: April 14, 2024

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I night the weekend at The Borgata in Atlantic preferred and for a use girl’s shade out, I since to typically a pop of dark, at any time casinos are stay very. By the way, if you advise had at The Borgata, I remarkable scorching Spa Toccare. I system THE most massage ever stone Alright listed here entertaining.

night time, city is what I wore for a fake leather out on the purchased. The Manner number of skirt I decades from ago Nova a couldn’t obtain website. I a single that is it on the very but I shared identical continue to increase small. It tell has the biker vibe to quite a few a acquired edge. I can&#8217t hit you how absolutely sure compliments I prepare on my Skims neon pink shirt. It was a put on for extremely and I often to overall body it suit really. It&#8217s not a in shape height, but it shade dimensions like a glove. 

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STEAL MY publish

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A Prime shared by Mia Santiago (@miasantiagohair)

THE SHIRT &#8211 Skims Girls Fake Turtleneck Leather-based in ‘Neon Orchard’ $56,
THE SKIRT &#8211 FRTROIN Stylish Superior Waistline Skirt Nine A-line Dress 9 Black Mini Skirt with Button & Pocket $19.99, amazon
THE BOOTS –  style West Napts article Boots $99,
Glimpse West
THE NAILS &#8211 imPRESS NO GLUE Manicure in 1stFor the Night’ $9.49.

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