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Jones Road Beauty is one of the most requested brands I’ve been asked to review this year! This makeup line was launched three years ago by beauty industry veteran Bobbi Brown. It features innovative formulas and a less-but-better-quality approach to their products.

Here is every product I have tried from Jones Road, reviewed. This post got very long, very quickly, so I condensed each review. If you want to see more photos of on a certain product, click the link next to “read more” under the product name below.

I received some products in PR and some were purchased on my own. All my opinions are my own true thoughts on the product. I hope this review is helpful if you’ve been thinking about trying anything from Jones Road.

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If I were going to restock today, these would be the products I’d add to my cart.

1 | The Bronzer in Dusty Rose | The most perfect bronzer shade for fair skin. I must have this shade in my kit forever now.

2 | The Face Pencils | Surprisingly creamy, multi-use sticks that completely cover sun spots. I also use to highlight under my brows.

3 | The Best Eyeshadow | Soft colors on the eyes, flattering for mature skin also.

4 | The Best Pencil | This eye liner applies gently and smoothly. It gets so close to my lash line. Gentle on my sensitive eyes.

5 | Lip + Cheek Stick | Cream blush that looks very soft and sheer on, but brightens my complexion.

6 | The Mascara | Honestly just a great mascara formula. Would love to see it in brown also.


1 | The Best Eyeshadow

15 shades | $25

see more photos | FULL REVIEW

There are very few eyeshadow formulas that I truly find perfect.  Jones Road is one of them.  I first tried Ash (matte taupe) and So Pretty (silver shimmer) and was immediately impressed by how smooth the formulas are.  The color is rich and even, yet the shades don’t overwhelm my eyes.  

I ordered Sienna (coral brown-ish – a must for blue eyes), Grey, to pair with Ash for an Easy smokey eye, and Copper shimmer for an easy one-and-done wash of color across the lid.

The formula is perfect.  Literally perfect.  

shop Jones Road | The Best Eyeshadow

2 | The Best Pencil

6 shades | $22

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My first impression of this eyeliner was: this seems like a decent eyeliner to me.  The longer I have used this liner, the more I realize it’s actually a stand out formula

The pencil is smooth, glides on perfectly, and smudges to soften without disappearing.  I am somehow able to get this liner closer between my lashes more than any other liner I’ve tried.

This eye pencil is a total winner and will be a repurchase for me. 

shop Jones Road | The Best Pencil

3 | WTF “What The Foundation”

1.14 oz | $44

This is a tinted moisturizer and foundation hybrid.  There are 12 shades from fair to deep, which is a decent shade range for a sheer product.

While I love this hydrating concept of this tinted moisturizer-foundation hybrid, the actual product didn’t work out for me.  

The formula stayed tacky on my skin and never set.  It also didn’t have enough coverage to cover my redness and fully even out my skin tone, so I either had to add more product or try and dab concealer over those areas.

The lemongrass, medicinal smell is very distinct and didn’t fade much. 

My tub had a grainy texture, with chunks that wouldn’t go away no matter how much I mixed the pot before applying.  I ended up having to pick the grainy bits off my face.

Overall, the WTF didn’t work out for me, but I am glad I had a chance to test it out. 

shop Jones Road | WTF “What The Foundation”

4 | The Bronzer

7 shades | $35

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Wow.  Bobbi Brown has done it again.  Her original line of bronzers were best sellers for the BB line. 

Her Jones Road formula is super smooth and silky.  It blends easily and doesn’t look powdery on my skin.

But thing thing that really stood out to me, like, made-my-jaw-drop, was the shade range.  Like a true makeup artist, she created a bronzer shade for every skin tone. 

Bronzer is meant to add warmth back in to the skin, as though the sun naturally warmed you up.  Tans always have a bit of red in them, which is something most makeup companies don’t get right. 

Dusty Rose warms my skin up and adds dimension without it adding too much color to my face.  It’s the most perfect bronzing tone I’ve ever tried and so, so unique.  

Jones Road Bronzers.   Fabulous, must have, love the extensive shade range for all skin tones.

shop Jones Road | The Bronzer

5 | The Lip Tint

13 shades | $26

The lip tint is meant to leave a sheer wash of distinct color across the lips.  Less pigment than a lipstick, but more than a tinted balm.  

I thought the berry shade looked like a pretty berry mauve shade on the Jones Road website, however this shade had too much pink in the formula for my coloring once I put it on.  

I’m not totally writing this formula off yet, but it was more a middle-of-the-road product for me. 

I wonder if I’d gotten a better shade if I’d like the formula more.  I want to try it again, but this time in Valencia Orange, which looks like a gorgeous Orange Red shade.

shop Jones Road | The Lip Tint

6 | The Face Pencil (Everything Stick)

35 shades | $25

These complexion sticks were a total surprise hit for me! Jones Road sent these to me in PR and I now use this product every day.  

The shade range is fabulous, the undertones are perfect.  I picked out shade 2 (fair, warm) and 6 (light-medium, warm peach).  

I use shade 2 as a highlighter under my eyebrows.  It’s the perfect finishing touch to clean up the look of my brows. I also love shade 2 in my water line and at the inner corner of my eyes to brighten.  

I use shade 6 to cover spots, either pimples or sunspots that peak through foundation. 

These sticks can be used all over as foundation, if your skin is well hydrated.  However, you have to use so much product to cover everything as a foundation, that I think they are best used for precise coverage.

The formula is very creamy and long lasting.  I didn’t expect to love them as much as I do and will continue to restock on these multi-use pencils.

shop Jones Road | The Face Pencil (Everything Stick)

7 | The Mascara

shade: black | $26

see more | FULL REVIEW

The Jones Road mascara is another product just done “right.”  

When I compared it to another mascara I’d been testing, the JR was richer, made my lashes look longer and thicker vs the other mascara, and did not smudge under my eyes.

The only real downside to this mascara for me is the price.  It’s on the more luxe side at $26 and to get free shipping you need to spend $85.  I wish there was an economy choice for shipping or a lower threshold for those times you just need to restock one item in your kit.

Price not factored in however, I absolutely love this mascara.  It’s great and so rich looking on. Great formula! I’d love to see what she could do with a brown mascara shade. 

shop Jones Road | The Mascara

8 | The Eye Cream 

.46 oz | $34

I love the lighter texture of this eye cream and how hydrating the ingredients are. 

However, it did make my (extremely) sensitive eyes itch, so I had to stop using it.

shop Jones Road | The Eye Cream

9 | The Everything Brush 

synthetic bristles | $40

I love this brush.  It truly can do “everything.”

I can use it to blend out contour. 

It buffs out the edges of cream blush without pulling up the blush or foundation. 

It applies and blends liquid bronzer without a trace. 

I didn’t expect to love or use this brush as much as I do, but it is a gem.  The bristle truly are the perfect density and length. This brush makes me want to try more from the JR brush line.

shop Jones Road | The Everything Brush 

10 | Gel Bronzer

1.2 oz | $34

Speaking of liquid bronzer, this is the bronzer I first used the Everything Brush with.

This formula comes in three shades: light, medium, and dark. I tried light and medium. 

Light was perfect for me, made me so gorgeously bronzed.  I would wear this bronzer over foundation with a little eye makeup and it was the perfect glowy look.

My only complaint is that this formula has coconut oil in it, which causes me to break out.  After about a week of wearing this bronzer every single day (I loved the finish of it so much) I started to break out on my cheeks and around my jawline.  

I knew that coconut oil was a ingredient that didn’t work me for, so I was not surprised.  If your skin tolerates coconut oil, then this is a perfect liquid bronzer and a better price point than the Drunk Elephant liquid bronzer.

You can apply it before foundation, mix it with foundation, apply after foundation or wear it on its own.  

I would be thrilled if they were able to reformulate this liquid bronzer without coconut oil.  It would be a staple product for me.

shop Jones Road | Gel Bronzer

11 | Miracle Balm 

10 shades | $38

This is the Jones Road signature product.  You’ve probably seen a facebook or Instagram ad for this balm.

It comes in a range of shades and is a multi-purpose balm that can be used as a cheek highlighter, lip tint, blush, or bronzer.  It has a true balm texture and does need to be mixed with a sanitary spatula before the first use to get the correct texture.

I totally understand the appeal of this product, as the dewy gloss it leaves on the skin is gorgeous and natural looking.

However, it has that same lemongrass, medicinal smell that I noticed with the wtf foundation.  Also, as much as I liked how it looked on my cheeks as a combo blush and highlight, the texture remained too tacky for me to feel comfortable on my skin.

I started using Miami Beach, the most perfect sun-tanned coral with rose gold shimmer as my lip color and: bingo.  That has become the perfect use for me with the Miracle Balm.  I thought the smell might bother me on my lips, but I actually like it there.  Strange how that works!

I love this balm on my lips so much that I ended up taking small travel containers and filling them with Miami Beach balm.  I now have one of these minis in every travel bag and purse.  

So Miracle Balm: cheeks, no. Lips, yes.

shop Jones Road | Miracle Balm 

12 | Lip + Cheek Stick

8 shades | $34

I had been so drawn to the coral shade of this stick and finally broke down and purchased it.  I was a little scared that it would be too bright or too red for me, but it’s the perfect coral shade.

The stick applicator makes it easy to pop on.  I’ve been blending with my fingers, but you could absolutely use the everything brush or another dense cheek brush to blend it out. 

I’m really happy I ended up trying this formula and shade.  It has just the right amount of pigment and looks so beautiful on.

shop Jones Road | Lip + Cheek Stick

13 | The Lip Pencil

8 shades | $22

This is the latest release from Jones Road.  I purchased shade Mauve.

My go-to lip liner shade for a couple of years now has been M.A.C. cosmetic’s “Whirl.”  This Mauve shade is slightly warmer than Whirl, but does still look natural on my lips. 

It applies easily, without tugging.  This is a really solid formula, looks smooth around the fine lines of my lips and had great lasting power through a dinner.

shop Jones Road | The Lip Pencil

14 | The Sharpener

While the Jones Road dual sharpener is convenient having two sizes pencil holes in the same travel friendly lidded container, the blades were not sharp enough for me and I found myself wasting a lot of my pencils.

shop Jones Road | The Sharpener

15 | Just A Sec Eyeshadow

8 shades | $26

“Just A Sec” is a cream mousse hybrid formula. It’s sheer, but evenly pigmented and applies smoothly.

I’ve found that I liked the results best when I applied with my finger, then used a fluffy eye brush to soften the edges of the shadow.

This is a pretty product, but I might have to try it in another shade to be completely sold on it. The taupe shimmer shade is pretty, but didn’t “wow” me the way the powder shades did.

shop Jones Road | Just a Sec Eyeshadow

16 | “Shower” Perfume

1 oz | $42

This sample roll on of Jones Road new fragrance, their first, came with my last order. I immediately applied it, as a “perfume head” aka person who loves fragrances far too much.

From the first smell, I was hooked. It’s fresh and clean, truly smells like taking a shower. It has decent staying power. It goes from initially being slightly strong to a perfect fade down of smelling like skin+.

Knock out start to their fragrance line and I would 100% purchase the full size of this scent.

shop Jones Road | “Shower” Perfume

shop Jones Road | Jones Road official (US, Canada, Uk shipping). Liberty London (additional International shipping)

TO BE CONTINUED | I have yet to try the powder blush (need to try), the face oil (has coconut oil though), the face powder (want to try) and their brow products. 

To wrap this review up, Jones Road has dominated my makeup rotation the last few months.  I rarely reach for other eyeshadows or bronzers now.  The makeup quality is high and in my opinion, warrants the ir luxury price points.  I am so looking forward to trying more products from the Jones Road line up and am also excited to see their future releases.  Jones Road is a must-try brand!

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